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My First Day On Planet Neri

Sorry, that's a bit dramatic.

If you have been following along, you'll know I have joined the NFT world and I have hopped in board the many projects being built around the Wax Blockchain. I still don't know the mechanics behind how a blockchain truly works, but I am becoming more familiar with how to use some of the services and games (isn't adaptation beautiful?).

There is a blockchain based game called that I have been playing for the last 2 days. There is nothing complex about playing the game itself, but understanding what you are reallying doing in terms of the crypto universe can be a bit unclear. When I first started, I was combarded with a bunch of new in game currencies and a lot of different things j could do with each currency. But after battling through and taking time to understand what I was doing, I was well on my way to enjoying the game a little bit more. In a more... Rewarding way.

Yes, rewarding is the right word to use in this situation. By taking part in playing this game, and by staking the tokens I was earning, I was actually increasing my chances to earn wonderful and powerful NFTs. This was the allure that brought me to the game in the first place. I want to beef up my WAX Wallet with as many collectibles as possible and this game seemed like a great way to do that.

What exactly did I mean by planet Neri though!? Well, that's where the game gets a little bit more involved! This concept took me a bit to figure out but now that I understand I feel much better about how and why I am playing.

If you remember me talking about BANANO and the Crypto monKeys, you might have seen me mention in some capacity that they are involved in the Alienworlds game. What that means for this game is that the monKeys actually own parts of the land on the game and encourage their community to mine and stake on these specific land peices. It benefits everyone involved, plus the monKeys are giving away some cool NFTs for those that mine on their lands! I don't see a reason NOT to continue mining there.

As you mine you can aquire loots in the form of tools and weapons and other fun things. I've only been playing for a day and I have gotten a weapon that is worth 28¢. That isn't much, but for the effort I had to out in to get it, I'd say that is pretty impressive.

For now I am just going to continue to mine and collect all the NFTs. As I learn more about the Wax Blockchain and the NFT universe I might become more comfortable with trading and selling them. Hope you stick around to be part of that journey!


(This is an image showing the screen where you can stake some if the currency.)



(This is an image showing what my mining set up looks like.)

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