Fidelity Mobile App - Now Tracking IRA Contribution Limits


I'm a huge fan of Fidelity. I trust them with all my investing and retirement needs. But my biggest issues has been some of the visuals and abilities of the mobile app. They have made many strides for getting advanced features on their platform, but they ignored some QoL updates for a bit. 

Today I updated my mobile app and was happy to see that they updated an interface in the IRA section of the app. You are now able to see how much you have contributed to IRA accounts within Fidelity for a given year. This is a nice visual and will help you from over contributing. 

Below is a screen shot of what the interface looks like. Don't be alarmed that I've only contributed $450 so far this year to my Roth. I have been maxing out my HSA, which is just slightly more tax advantaged then the Roth. Once I finish the HSA though, and get more cash flow, I'll focus on maxing out my Roth.



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Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

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