$PG is my least talked about, but strongest position


Through all my posts and screenshots of my portfolio and my holdings, I seem to praise random stocks here and there. I even tend to talk about them in depth and my thought process behind owning and holding them. 

Today is a little different. I just want to highlight my position in $PG. I almost never talk about holding this company which is a big shame upon me because it has been my biggest winner as far as stock picking goes. It even pays out a very defensive and consistent quarterly dividend. 

Today I was paid a dividend from $PG and it inspired me to finally show some love for this wonderful company. 

I've been holding onto $PG since about mid 2018. I got in at a good price but I have purchased throughout their rise during the last two years. 

I used to work for a 3PL that serviced a P&G warehouse and I got to see a lot of products, where the products were going, and how the products were stores and handled. It gave me a lot of faith in the company and is probably why I decided to invest in them.

So what do you think? How does P&G look to you?




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Personal Finance and Investing
Personal Finance and Investing

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