Sending AI Art to Space: The Continuing Adventures of the $TURBO token

AI Art Exhibition to Launch in Space

The $Turbo Space project is sending an exhibition of AI-generated artworks to the stratosphere. 120 lucky artists will have their digital creations launched into low Earth orbit, giving a whole new meaning to displaying artwork in a non-traditional gallery space! The contest is being hosted by the Joyn platform.


Artists around the world are being invited to submit their JPG or PNG files, with dimensions of 2048x1536 pixels, to be considered for the out-of-this-world exhibition. The deadline for submissions is March 21st, with the curated selections set to blast off sometime after. Oversight of the selection process will be provided by leading digital art curators @Oshi_Gallery, @DigitalArtFair and @TurboToadToken on Twitter.

As well as the chance to literally have their work sent to space, participants who make the final cut will gain exposure for their artistic practice. There's also an option for any submitted pieces to be listed as NFTs on the Joyn marketplace, allowing artists to potentially profit from sales of their space-bound digital creations.

This is a truly unique opportunity for AI artists to take their work where no art has gone before. Who knows, in years to come people may be able to say they saw the earliest examples of AI art floating in the inky black canvas of the cosmos! Get creating and submit your pieces before the March 21st deadline to potentially join this pioneering exhibition above the clouds.

I have entered the artwork I used for the Crew membership/subscription tier on this blog.


What is the $TURBO token?

- An AI-Powered Meme Coin Community

Turbo Token is one of the most unique and community-driven projects in crypto today. It began as a simple experiment by creator Rhett Mankind, who launched the coin with a $69 budget using ChatGPT to write the initial contract and marketing materials. Word of the novel use of AI to create a meme coin quickly spread, resulting in worldwide media coverage that kickstarted Turbo Token's rise.


While many meme coins are centrally controlled, Rhett designed $Turbo Token from the start to be fully decentralized. He states that he plays no active role in running the project. Instead, the vibrant $Turbo community self-governs and drives innovation. This includes the "AI Oracle Council" which helps guide the integration of AI into the protocol. AI is a core focus, with tools being developed to enhance digital art using neural networks.

To foster creativity within the community, $Turbo Token hosts regular art calls. These highlight digital artists and provide significant rewards like 1 ETH and over 10 million Turbo tokens. Their recent #SUPERCOMMUNITY event showcased 10 artworks to their growing base of over 50,000 followers across social media. The project has also partnered with prominent organizations like Non Fungible Conference to further spread adoption of their vision of merging art, technology and crypto.

With its unique origins, focus on decentralization, and fostering of artistic talent, $Turbo Token is pioneering a new kind of meme coin community powered by AI. It will be exciting to see where the self-governing project goes next as it rapidly expands its presence in digital art and crypto.

Full disclosure: I have been a $TURBO holder since the beginning and own some of the early NFT art.

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