So... You have $100 and you want to earn in crypto, what should you do?

By Pepelove20 | Pepelove20 | 30 Aug 2021

(Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, this post is for educational use only) 

Lets say your mom or partner or a stranger ( just kidding never accept money from strangers) or only fans account, whatever, gave you $100 fair and square, you also heard cousin Vinny talking about his major profits trading ALT coins and you sit there like, HEY I can do that too!!! But I don't want to invest that much because covid and you know the budget is tight to be playing with fire (crypto is 🔥) like kerosene and a few matches, nothing is as volatile as it, but you feel that there is a chance and we all know the phrase, where there is a will the is a way!! Oh boy ..  


Well the first thing you should do is turn on your PC and enter YouTube, watch a lot of content, read great posts from reputable sources like publish0x or yahoo finances and understand what is the deal where is your hard earned money going to and what is supporting, maybe you are a gamer, well there are plenty of options to suit your need and scratch that competitive gaming itch like axie infinity or cryptoblades, alien worlds upland, there is a terrific game for every need, you need to be a bit tech savvy and have non traditional wallets like MetaMask and trade in places like pancakeswap because many games require funding trough those means, well maybe you are a margin trader that has a small portfolio of ETF's and stocks on apps like Robinhood or uphold and want to expand it and dip your toes in crypto, well most marketplaces can suit your exact needs, bear in mind trading costs, Binance is great for those of us overseas, Coinbase is #1 if you are in the United States, we are living a crypto renaissance, stable markets BTC trough the roof (pumping ALT's 😉) China cracking down on farmers (they held like more that half the farming and mining  market) and NFT's being created and traded, really bringing the decentralized aspect to life.

Just remember you have many options to fund your endeavors, from taking polls and.learning at Coinbase to referral process in Binance and Uphold, they give like $20 worth of Bitcoin and a few goodies, so now you have $120 instead of just $100.

Ok the technical aspect, just use common sense, treat the marketplace as a marketplace, what do I mean with that? Use only the money invested, when you make profits move it to a personal ledger, write it down, be zealous with your hard earned coins!! Nobody cares if you loose it all because of a snotty nose hacker that decided to steal all of it! The marketplace will try but there is no guarantee that you will recover much of your money if any.

Buy low and sell high! That's what I would recommend but to be honest I only use like 30% of my assets trading, I take the safer route, lending my coins, stacking them, farming some, earning passive income, that is the key to hold and sustain a healthy and balanced account, and if you made a bad trade well don't sweat it because you diversified and only lost 30%, there is a lot of learning trough loss, believe me I ve lost so much money!! Heck I should be a Demi God by now! Jk jk...

I you have any questions or doubt feel free to contact me, I do this because I am a hobbyist and love getting involved in the subject, I do believe that crypto will be the coin of the future, solving many real world problems that the banking system really lacks.

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