Game and make money whaaat?!?

MOBOX (MBOX) what is it? Is it a scam? Let's find out!!!

By Pepelove20 | Pepelove20 | 24 Aug 2021

Ok let me level with you, MOBOX (MBOX) defines itself as a GameFi platform, o k... Let's break that down, defi plus gaming, based on the motto free to play play to earn, a romantic and noble intention isn't it? 

Binance gave them the green light so you can farm it with BUSD or BNB and other options, there is also pancakeswap to buy and trade it, as of right now it is hovering between $4 and $4.13.

Some of the games that you can access for free on their web page (just Google MOBOX) are:

  • Tactical party slayer
  • Block Brawler 
  • Trade action 
  • Token master
  • Nft farmer

Neat games that many of us are familiar but with a twist, depending on your performance you earn stackable MBOX so later you could theoretically move them to pancakeswap or binance and trade for fiat, plus some neat mechanics like MOBOX (MBOX) that reward you with tokens and in game items.

It has a large market cap and a dedicated dev team plus the use of BSC smart contracts and transparency policy raises no red flags.

I am going to try the games on their platform and post the results soon to see how much profit can you yield or the difficulty of the tasks given 

It seems like a great and legit option for hobbyist like myself to get to know and get familiar with this GameFi concept, I ll post the results soon! 


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