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Electromagnetic Health - Because we are now in the middle of our earth's recurring solar nova cycle, the electromagnetic field of the earth weakens. By strengthening our personal electromagnetic field and studying all aspects of electromagnetic health  in ourselves and in nature, we can better hold meaningful social order in this cyclic transition.

Scientific/Spiritual: Basic Electromagnetic Map


All Earth Weather is first influenced within the dynamic flow of electromagnetic space weather frequencies, in the electromagnetic universe. We are a part of the electromagnetic light/sound spectrum in the universe.  We are scientifically and spiritually speaking, beings of frequency energy and light. Our primary conscious, public and private focus is currently within 5-8% of the energy spectrum, in the range of our 5 senses. This is the range we have been led to understand, that makes up our physical bodies and the natural world.


Which is one way sound waves are different from light waves?


A. Sound waves travel through space but light waves cannot
B. Sound waves travel at a slower speed than light waves
C. Sound waves have shorter wavelengths than light waves
D. Sound waves are a source of energy but light waves are not.

[caption id="attachment_17724" align="aligncenter" width="879"]Electromagnetic Sensing and Perceiving Sensing and Perceiving[/caption]

Our 5 senses are used to focus the greater portion of our being in the area around the visible centered, vision/hearing portion of the spectrum. The senses receive, data, in a limited frequency range.

The mind is consciously and unconsciously in the business of awareness of light and energy. It receives, (is affected by), qualifies, (identifies elements within the entire spectrum) and transmits, (auto formulates potentialities of purpose and value). Body function, autoimmune response,etc., in the subconscious. Where to go what to eat etc, constantly being formulated in the conscious mind.                                   

The body also manifests Being, within this limited sensory range of the spectrum, but like the mind, receives, qualifies, and transmits our life force in nature, at all levels of the light energy spectrum. The mind of the individual, is aware at many levels, can perceive, and is influenced by, elements within, the entire spectrum, consciously and subconsciously. All data is available to the individual and can be experienced consciously, beyond the sensory range.

The mind focuses on data, according to the consciously directed quality of light it can be trained, or focused to identify with. Awareness of light, energy, and action within it, is commensurate to the individuals motive. Individual motive or perception of value and purpose, requiring that action, is relative to their perception of their own ultimate value and purpose in the social order, nature and Creation. The conscious mind perceives values, and formulates options of purpose, universally and individually.

The mind perceives but it cannot control ultimately the value or purpose in any situation for an individual, because it cannot control the value and purpose of the source of ultimate Being, in, the social order, nature, or Creation in the energy spectrum. The ultimate source, of light energy, it's value and purpose in Ultimate Being, are beyond the mind and the evidence in the spectrum as we perceive it. The source of light energy is the great Unknown to the Atheist and Deity to the believer.

The Mind Is an Interactive Map. Not the Surveyor, Not the Terrain

Actions commensurate with the nature of Being and Creation can appear violent. Many pictures of explosions in space fill our mind. That is because we first and last face the Unknown, in all situations. The colliding of galaxies, and fiery birth of stars appears chaotic to the untrained mind. The body would be vulnerable if it were in the area we immediately realize. Fear erupts. You get the layout. An old story sad but true. 

Fruitful Life Is Predictive, Influential, And Adaptive In Nature: PIA; Love In Latin

But it is of course a part of our life in he universe. And it is then as fruitful in apparent chaos as in apparent order, or neither would be intrinsically possible. All life forms in nature exist by being Predictive to coming conditions,Influential with other elements in nature, in natural social orders, and Adaptive to and in the Unknown. They Remain In Pia, Love #PIA


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A MODERN COSMOLOGY GOD IS YOUR PERCEPTION OF THE UNKNOWN BASED ON THE VALUES YOU PROVE ++++++++++++++= YOUR FIVE BASIC INSTINCTS To unfold the unknown To self determine To establish value To create social order within nature To Establish Identity

PEOPLE: Natural Species Cosmology
PEOPLE: Natural Species Cosmology

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