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Why pirate brands

Facebook Groups and Pages are not Billboard for Ads

By pensebien | pensebien | 15 May 2020

I discovered something online recently that can be used for a dissertation paper. The title could be "The proliferation of online businesses especially by hit and run wanna be businesswoman and businessmen".

Should I not write a paper like this?

We say you should come online yes, but take some time to understand how to navigate the online space. Some people do not have anything to do with the administration of a church, company, group but they speedily go online and open Facebook groups, Facebook pages with the name of the company/brand/church. This is called  #brand theft.

What is the meaning of #DeeperLifeBibleChurchMembers group when you are not in charge of the members of #DeeperLifeBibleChurch?

When you enter some of these pages all you see is a big #billboard where everyone comes to post her or his ads.

Expanding the brand is good, but taking permission is better.

Turning Facebook to #Alaba market, where pirates do not care about the value of the creativity of the artist. All they care about is how to enrich their pockets.

They are always on the hunt for creative work and just interested in reproducing it without giving credit to the creators. The pirates make so much money out of the records of the artist without giving credit to the artist that owes the creation.

Unlike foreign artists, foreign tools (software) in which at least the creators are wealthier than the pirates, here in my country, the pirates are wealthier than the creators. #WRONG.

It took a while before #China became wealthier than #America. It is wrong that from the start you the #Pirate you are wealthier than the #Creator.

Using a brand to create your Facebook group, the Facebook page is totally wrong. #Wrong. That is called Intellectual property theft. It takes time to be creative and when the creation is out, it is #money (but as I always say #value) that should be paid for it.

In #SonyMusic terms, it is called #loyalty. Make money from #MichealJackson but make the dude famous and also give him some of the money too. That is how this thing is done.

Sometimes we look like we are mad, spending time thinking then when the ideas are out you want to pirate. We would use that madness on you. #nonsense.

Picture from
@lemmeymorgan Pirates of the Caribbean

#STOPPiracy #Respect #IntellectualPropertyPirates of the Carribean - Credits to @lemmy morganIntellectual Property - think of the right of creators

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