Pendemic 3.

By Pauldini | Pendemic | 20 Feb 2021

Greetings all..

Another jaunty romp through the fears of our Brave New World:


Brains rewired

Thoughts on Fire

Sense obscured

Velocity higher.


People frightened

Chests tighten

Snatching breaths

Pulses Heighten.


Tv churning

Bodies burning

Regardless of

Channel turning.


Suspicion growing

Doubt showing


No-one knowing.


Belief tarnished

Honesty vanished

Lies as currency

Truth just garnish.


Courage diminished

Hope extinguished

Save yourselves

Love is vanquished.


Then all running

Devils drumming

Earth asunder

Future coming.



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#Pendemic - A series of poems written through lockdown in the brief moments Lady Crypto allowed

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