1. #Pendemic

By Pauldini | Pendemic | 19 Feb 2021

Almost against my own better judgement, I have decided to share some poems written through lockdown.

We all see things through a lens, especially in Corona-World. As events seem to speed up, people are doubling down. In times as isolating as these, resonance can seem as contraband - this is my attempt to smuggle a bit for myself, I suppose.

Peace to you all...



This is my Pendemic

   -A polemic.

My love note to Humanity...

   ...Wait for me.

Ink must flow,

Pages all to fill,

Libraries bursting in witness

So that I may hold together.


This is my Pendemic

   -So electric

A perforation of my being

   -Is revealing.

Holes punched,

Neatly down my flesh,

   But no blood?

Does blood still pour from the living?


This is my Pendemic

   -Just pathetic.

Nobody is listening

   ...Tears glistening.

These pencil scratches

Can only be in vain

Nobody can hear me...

...Simply nobody wants to.


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#Pendemic - A series of poems written through lockdown in the brief moments Lady Crypto allowed

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