Four stroke engine working
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Four stroke engine working

By Alexcarlos | Peerzadadawood | 1 May 2020

Hello everyone i hope you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak and are making the efficent use of your quarantine time. Today i want to tell you about the four stroke engine, who it makes power from the fuel and what are the four strokes of the engine in detail.Four stroke engine is defined as the engine which makes power by the four strokes of the piston from top dead center to the bottom dead center. The crank shaft revolves two complete rotations i.e they cover 720 degree. The four strokes of the power stroke engine are given below in detail.

1) suction stroke: In four stroke engine first the fuel is feed in the fuel tank and they they are mixed with the air in the
mixing chamber. In this stroke the piston moves from the top dead center to the bottom dead center which makes pressure drop in the cylinder due to this the inlet valve gets opned and the air fuel mixture enters into the cylinder. The crank moves through the 180 degree . In this stroke outlet value remains closed.

2) compression stroke: After the fuel enters into the cylinder, the piston moves from bottom dead center to the top dead center, the air fuel mixture in the cylinder gets compressed which makes the increase in the pressure of the air fuel mixture. During this stroke both the inlet and the outlet values remain closed . The pressure curing this is vary high which makes the burning of fuel easily.

3) Exhaust or power stroke: the name Power stroke indicates that in this stroke power is generated. In this stroke the spark plug creates spark which causes burning of fuel. When fuel gets burnt high pressure gets created the piston moves from top dead center to the bottom dead center the power is strored in the flywheel.

4) Exhaust stroke: when the fuel gets burnt some fuel didn't burnt and remains unburnt ao we have to push this out of our cylinder. In this stroke outlet value gets opened and the piston moves from bottom dead center to the top dead center the exhaust gases gets of the cylinder and our cycle gets completed.

This is how power is generated by the engine .


My name is alexcarlos Iive in Kashmir india. I am doing vtec in mechanical engineering


Hello everyone, My name is peerzada dawood , I am a student of mechanical engineering 2nd year. In live in Kashmir india which is known as paradise on earth.

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