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Coronavirus update in the world

By Alexcarlos | Peerzadadawood | 28 Apr 2020

Hello everyone I hope you all are fine and safe from the coronavirus outbreak and are making the efficent use of your quarantine time. We all know that coronavirus outbreak now have spread all over the world and kills lot of people. Some countries have few cases and are considered as free from coronavirus outbreak but some countries like United states of AMERICA, Spain, France, Italy, my country india have vary number of cases , the main problem in these countries is the the rate of coronavirus cases are not decreasing day by day but are in increasing mode, also these countries are facing a huge number of deaths per day. We also know the disease have firstly originated from wuhan in China but today i saw in newspaper that wuhan is also coronavirus free city. I think how they got succeed in controlling the coronavirus outbreak. I think due to lockdown for many months

Now we will see the number of cases and deaths in the world after that i will tell you some update of some countries where a lot of people have got infected to this deadly virus.

According to the latest figures more than 3 million people have infected to this deadly virus some good news is the more than eight lakh people have recovered from this virus. But the most bad news is that more than two lakh people have died due to this deadly novel coronavirus i think it is a huge number.

Update of some countries

1) First we will discuss about the one of the power country in the world that is United states of AMERICA. USA has HEIGHEST number of coronavirus cases in the world, they have more than 9 lakh cases in the entire country also they face most number of coronavirus deaths, around 55 thousand people died due to coronavirus. But they have also done a huge number of tests in the entire world, they done almost 50 lakh tests. But the rest of all contries done only a few cases of coronavirus. They are face more than 1500 deaths in past 24 hours.

2) After USA Spain has highest number of cases in the entire world, till today Spain has more tha two lakh cases and they face more than 23 thousand deaths due to this deadly virus. Aslo in Spain some people have recovered from this virus. As we know spain has less population than American so thay have more cases per million people. Also they face more deaths per million people. They have also done a lot of tests. In last 24 hours spain faces more than 300 deaths but from the last week they are some what less.

3) Now we will discuss about the country who was once on the top of this list and have HEIGHEST number of deaths few days also but now they are at number three. Italy faces more deaths than Spain they faces around 27 thousand deaths but have less cases than Spain. Italy have around two lakh cases of coronavirus.

4) Aftet Italy France has HEIGHEST number of coronavirus cases in the world they have more than one lakh firstly thousand cases of coronavirus and more than twenty two thousand people died due to this deadly virus. Before one month i think France has less number of cases in the entire world but now daily they are facing vary huge number of cases and deaths due to this virus.

5) Germany has almost same cases like France but they face vary less number of deaths than france, they have more than one lakh firstly thousand cases but they face only 5 thousand deaths. Du you know the reason behind that i you know tell me in the comments so that i got information regarding this. From my point of view they have younger population more we know that young people are dying less in number due to coronavirus than old people.

Now i will tell you about my country india what is situation in my country. India have now more than twenty five cases of coronavirus and our country have face more than 800 deaths. In this day more than 2 thousand cases of coronavirus were found and more than sixty people died due to this virus. Our prime minister Modi have announced the lockdown early i welcome this step from him but i am worried how even the lockdown such a huge number of cases come in my country and also till now we have done only 6 lakh tests that is vary less than United states of AMERICA.

***Effects of coronavirus on the world***

There are lot of effects on the world. From my point of view the big loss is the loss of human beings we have lost a lot of peoples due to this deadly virus. Second effect due to this virus is the economy of the all countries goes down and they are faceing a huge loss . But mostly developing countries have got more effect. As i live in India there are lot of people who are below the poverty level and they have nothing to eat . Government is taking many steps regarding this but due to huge number some people are not getting food. Also one more effect is that effects on education we know that world is depend on education if there is no education there can be chances of huge damage to the countries. Students are not able to go to schools i especially request the engineering students and medical students come forward and help the your nation so that we can defeat coronavirus soon.

Thanks for reading
Hope coronavirus will end soon .

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