All about hive
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All about hive

By Alexcarlos | Peerzadadawood | 5 Apr 2020

Hello guys

Today I will tell you about the  hive blockchain or community.

What is hive is why this came into existence 

When the steemit  was sold to the justinsun,  after buying the steemit mr. Justinsun makes some new rules , I can not say that the rules of justinsun was good or bad it is his blockchain he can do anything to it. But some of the users didn't  accept  it and came raise their voice but the justinsun didn't change the rules and the members  of steemit  try to leave the steemit but they think  what we will do next if they leave steemit,  they think  a lot for it and finally  they decide  to make the already  existing airdrop  into community and they finally do that. 


How to create account on hive

If you already  the member of steemit  and leave that community you have simply go into the login page and log in with same keys and passwords. If you are not the member of steemit community you have to open the account with your email  and fill all the details but the password  come after three to four days if you want to open your account  instantly you have to spend some money for it just like steemit.

       In thing the hive community  make good for their users  is that  you didn't have to start from the initial with zero rank and everything zero but they tell if you have any rank in the steemit  that will be considered  even the same account  balance  will be given to the users.

 Which community is good steemit or hive

Till now no one can tell that which will became more successful but we see lot of users of steemit  have joined the hive that makes hive a good blockchain also the value of hive is nice.

If you want to join hive check this website

Thanks for reading. 


My name is alexcarlos Iive in Kashmir india. I am doing vtec in mechanical engineering


Hello everyone, My name is peerzada dawood , I am a student of mechanical engineering 2nd year. In live in Kashmir india which is known as paradise on earth.

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