Why $STEEM is my top three #ShowYourPortfolio

By pushpedal | Pedalling Continents | 10 Jul 2019

Hey everyone!

In this part I want to share my experience with cryptocurrency and my current portfolio holdings. Like most people, I started investing in 2017 during the hype. It was an incredible time, followed by shock and fear. I really wanted to hodl during the winter of 2018 but due to multiple factors had to sell a majority of my holding at a loss.


As you can see, I am 50% BTC 50% Alts. 

I have split my portfolio based on my support of the projects.

Why I'm holding STEEM and Ethereum

Ethereum is a great example of decentralization, especially when it comes to Exchanges. I've started using Dex and it is amazing how it matches Satoshi's original vision of the way crypto should be. For this, I am slowly converting my Alts into Ethereum.

For my travel I have been blogging on the Steem Blockchain for a year now and slowly, I have earned a very decent amount. Engaging on the social network (SM) has been fun and interesting. I see it competing with major SM even though it does have improvements to work on. If you're interested, definitely go check it out and make some Steem from your online contents. My Steem page is pushpedal

Litecoin, Nano and XRP

These coins have their potentials to shine so I have been holding them in a smaller amount. Nano is definitely my favorite of the three due to its lean-ness and many benefits.

What am I doing with BAT?

I earned these so have been holding them for fun!

What are you guys holding? Happy to hear from you!


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Pedalling Continents

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