I was blacklisted

I was blacklisted!

By Pcturtle69 | Pcturtle69Upland | 25 Feb 2021


Wow, what a week and it's not even over yet, it all started on Sunday the 21st of February, my next plan of attack was in motion in the building of my property empire and so much has happened in the game inside and out of the game.  My ability to purchase UPX was compromised on my account, but I did not know why to the reason and was really panicking on what I was going to do or even thinking that this game was the most stupid thing I had done in my life, over $1300 spent in the game in just two weeks with nothing to show for it.

I had horrible thoughts of thinking "Oh my god, is this the most elaborate scam in history?" Am I'm a witness to another One Coin scam? Posted some comments on Discord and no one else had the same issue, but could those people also be in on it?  I really did not help things when customer support via email was not being forthcoming on what my issue was, and just said They are on the case at resolving my issue my head was in all sorts of crazy!

The problem started after I had the goal that I REALLY wanted my collection set for SOHO and discovered to my amazement there were still some unminted properties available and that it was not all sold out or had properties for sale at stupid markup prices, I could not believe my luck, or so I thought!  SOHO collection has a multiple or bonus of 2.11X and still had unminted properties, so strike while the iron is hot so to speak! But I am no fool first I would have to ensure I was buying UPX at the best rate possible. 

You see, I am based outside of the State so transactions for me are a little bit more tricky.  When I first started I used the app version of Upland to do my transactions little did I know I was completely buying over the odds for my properties in San Fransisco or indeed in Fresno, as many of us do we start off small, 10,000 UPX here and there, and in the in-game purchasing system it is really simple and tied into Google Pay, so for me so it was a breeze, I stupidy just thought it was a simple case of Google Pay doing a simple currency conversion on my transactions and that was that. 



To my horror, the $10 I paid actually equated to £9.49, well to be more precise it cost was £7.91 but with a TAX cost of a further £1.58! and lower £ sterling is better for me, and at today's exchange rate from $10 is around £7.06 and that's a saving of £2.43 ($3.44) on one transaction to get 10,000 UPX, imagine that for 100,000 UPX = £24.30 and since I was going to purchase 800,000 of UPX need in obtaining three buildings it would have cost me an extra £194.40 or $275.37 to get the same amount of UPX as a Stateside player go figure?!

So option 2, use a Debit or card to buy UPX (as I do not have that kind of Crypto at the moment!) so now it was the Bank rates which are a lot better but again I got stung not on tax but exchange cost - think they used the term Non-GBP purchase Fee and not quite sure on the exchange rate they used but cheaper than Google Pay.

Option 3, that's where Revolut comes in, only recently got directed to this site recommended to me from a person on the Upland Discord (A MUST FOR PLAYERS!) here is a link to an article that can better explain things than me, needless to say, it opened my eyes on what I can save on! no longer was I going to be cheated out of my hard earn money.  Actually, I took out a Bank loan to fund this game (shhh don't tell the wife!) And it adds to the excitement to the game keeping a secret from her! so it wasn't really my hard earning money but it was STILL money that I did not want to throw away in fees.


It was a thrill, I was flush with money that recently came in from a loan I got on that day! and was ready to blow it on some properties in Soho New York, and ironically I was shopping for properties that were shops, so I was literally window shopping based on what the business was on google maps and then visiting their websites.  I really fancied the idea that I could buy a property and then in my head become their landlord and even have a say in their business, yes I know it's not true but the marvel of this game you can make it what you want and play it how you want, not really a sandbox game but a metaverse of gaming.

So on Sunday the 22nd of February around lunchtime I started my push, all morning I spent looking at unminted properties and then working out if I liked them or not based on location and business and collated metaverse information about them online, the previous night I had flown in from San Fransico (good job too as I hear now there is a backlog or shortage of flights to New York since people are gearing up for the next expansion on the map Brooklyn and not knowing there would be another classic auction of Grand Central Station happening this week) 

So with sites picked out all I needed was three great properties to gain the SOHO collection set and I was NOT going to be cheated by paying over the odds price for them or stupid markup prices.  First I had to buy the 800,000 or so UPX ready for the transactions I will soon be making, I noted down properties and hoped no one else will swoop in and get them before I minted them! I wasn't sure initially that I wanted that full amount so I just brought as much as I needed for the first property, and that was around was 251,370 UPX unminted price so at 13:46 I brought 100,000 UPX using Revolut for $99.99 (My Revolut wallet can now deal in Dollars making things a lot easier to see and work out after a great exchange from GBP to USD), so I had initially placed enough funds into my wallet and then another $99.99 purchase of UPX, then another so I could then mint that baby and BANG yes I got this puppy - 170 SPRING ST, Manhattan

Fab, onto my next one, so once again I needed more UPX so another $99.99 was made at 13:52, $99.99 again at 13:53, and $99.99 at 13:55 and I minted this bad boy - 121 GREENE ST, Manhattan for 215,460 UPX, I was on fire and was really happy to get my third and last Soho property.  Then a glitch, odd, I went to pay for another 100,000 UPX but the browser just returned me back to the list of UPX screen, strange I thought? maybe a blockchain delay payment thing, so I waited but noted on my Revolut app on my phone did not ping like it normally does for when funds leave the Mastercard account.  So for the hell of it, I tried another 100,000 UPX as I knew I needed it anyways to buy my last property of the set, but still nothing, I was getting worried.

Minutes passed into hours, I tried another browser still no luck and I DID NOT want to waste money on the app version * which by the way I could not get into because I had locked out my account on the browser and spent one day with support to get the reset password link to work! so now I could enter on the Computer browser with my new password but the app version kept my old password and I have no ideas on how to change that! even with a complete uninstall of the app and re-installed again and remove cache data it still does not log in, but no loss there really.

Hours passed into days, and I was really getting stressed out, no real update from support all they said on Monday was 

Please provide us with print screens of the errors that our system is showing. Also please contact your bank as well to confirm that all good with card 

To which I did have a nice webchat to a nice chap called Ford at Revolut the Card issuer who said the following:-

Upon checking your account, the payments you made to Uplandme Inc Usd are all in a pending state.  

A pending transaction is a payment which has been authorised, but it’s still waiting for the merchant to accept or reverse it. The merchant has 7 days in which to do this, but it can take up to 15 days if it’s an e-commerce pre-authorisation or a deposit payment such as a hotel booking or car rental. Following this 7-15 day period, the money will be sent back automatically if the merchant hasn’t taken any actions. We’re unable to release the funds before this time. A declined transaction could also appear as pending. Should this happen, the money should be returned to your available balance after 7 days.   Basically, a pending transaction could be called a ‘waiting’ transaction. Why? We are waiting for the final confirmation from the merchant (shop/website). Right now we allowed for the transaction to happen, but we do not know if the other side (merchant) wants the money. So now, they can either collect the funds or reject it. If they collect the money, the transaction becomes completed. If they reject it, the transaction will appear as reverted.

So on Tuesday, I said I tried another card (First Direct - HSBC) which I used many times before but still no luck, I just could NOT purchase anymore UPX and would not display any error message on the screen, all the while I was still awaiting to active my set to get the bonus multiplier on rent, after three more emails on Tuesday I got this  

Thank you for your email. We apologise for the inconvenience.
We will handle it, all info provided.  


That last email did not help, so I went a bit mad or crazy with the reply and went on a slight rant.  

Thank you please keep me posted, however, I should point out the longer you cannot resolve the issue the more I am unlikely to invest anymore, spent well over $1,200 in the game and this is the level of support I get? and it's only been 2 weeks since I started. I know it's open BETA but please I work in customer support and any update on the issue would be good, like what resolve group is looking into this? security? finance or IT support? I really cannot understand how you can respond and yet give me nothing in return other than empty promises that it will be looked into.   Surely it is a simple issue and can be resolved in a matter of hours and NOT days   Again it raises questions on the game which I do not mind sharing on social media and my blogs   Please take notice of my issue as a matter of urgency  


At 20:03 on the Wednesday of 24 of Feb 2021 I sent another email to support

I Hate the fact I cannot get this explorer because of you

Bonus item  

Yes, I missed out on getting the new NFT explorer as I was not able to purchase 100,000 UPX and they were gone in minutes! so I was not pleased.  


At this point, I wanted to see if I can cut all losses if indeed this game was a long con, but I was NOT going to lose out on my Collection set so out of desperation I broke my rule of not buying more than 100% markup properties and purchased this place 29 GREENE ST, Manhattan for 109,000 UPX a 130% markup but was cheeky and offered 100,000 UPX for it first but got rejected, so now I have my set but more importantly my Bonus gains on the properties!.     


At 09:00 today, the 25th of February I finally got the email from support to say  

Your account is white listed now with Ingenico, you should be able to make new purchases with Credit Card. 

YEAH, Baby! I am now back in action with my funds! I can now top up but who knew Upland inc had an anti-fraud system in place and that I was on their blacklist! so to celebrate I went out on minted a fourth property 103 GREENE ST for 323,190 UPX the one I actually wanted for my third one in the set before all this fiasco happened!    Was this all worth it? I think so check out my shops! - more added later.

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