Dirty-fixing a mobile phone: Close-up photography

By Groonie | PCB-Fotography | 9 May 2020

I dropped my phone, shattering the screen. I still had the same phone's exact predecessor in my drawer, so I thought I'd simply downgrade. Until I remembered why I had upgraded in the first place: The slightly older model had a broken speaker. 

After a bit of research it turned out that both phones use the exact same speaker module. Well, I thought, let's take these two broken phones and make a whole one!

Sadly, this turned out to be easier said than done. Even with the new speaker, the phone has shaky audio at best: Sometimes it works, sometimes it has lots of scratchy artifacts, and sometimes it just randomly cuts out entirely. Well, the speaker and the motherboard aren't directly connected - Both have pogo-pins, and when the phone's back plate is screwed on these are connected via a metal pieces embedded into that back plate. This was my first suspect. Since I didn't want to haphazardly try to solder onto my phone's tiny connectors, I tried a quick-and-dirty fix: I took the thinnest wire I could find and used it like a shoe-lace, literally tying the contacts together.

It's difficult as fuck to photograph this properly, but I just love the look of the absurdly clean and orderly motherboard contrasting with the messy, improvised wire-connection:

Phone speaker dirtyfix


It didn't work, of course. But hey, I got a nice picture out of it.

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PCBs are beautiful, especially when fotographed with a 25x macro lens. So that's exactly what you can expect here.

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