Guide to Finding Low Cap Crypto Gems

Guide to Finding Low Cap Crypto Gems

By Pbjclimbing | Pbjclimbing | 2 Nov 2021


Often people discount all low-cap cryptocurrencies due to the number of scams and useless cryptos that exist, but a lot of money can me made with getting in early on real projects with great potential. The hard part is often finding the new and low-cap cryptocurrencies in the first place. There are a ton of different ways to find low-cap cryptocurrencies. The object is to find them before other people find them and have the DYOR abilities to ignore the 95% of junk cryptocurrencies and focus on the 5% that is good. 


Ways to Find Low-Cap Cryptocurrencies


  1. Many chains developing chains have grants to develop on the chain. I look at the forums and and announcements for those grants. I then frequently buy cryptos that received those grants since some due diligence is already done (often with more access than the public has) by the blockchain giving out the grant. 

    1. Some blockchains give you a lot of access to the applications (Harmony ONE, Conflux Network)
    2. Some blockchains just announce the winners (Algorand, Fantom Network, Avalanche, Solana, Zillaqa, Near Protocol)
    3. Google: "XYZblockchain development grant" or "XYZblockchain DAO" or "XYZblockchain grant"
  2. Look at developing chains official ecosystem and many of the top 50-400 range blockchains* have low caps listed on their official ecosystem, I then investigate. Some chains like ONE have a higher barrier to being listed on the official ecosystem compared to NEAR.

    1. Google: "blockchain" ecosystem
    2. Algorand, Avalanche, Constellation, Harmony ONE, Solana, Near Protocol, Terra, Zilliqa
  3. Nomics has lower listing standards than CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. All three have a new coin sorting mechanism. It is important to distinguish between a new crypto and a new listing on a different chain. 
    1. Most the cryptocurrencies you find by this method will be losers, but there are winners
  4. Look at the blockchain explorer. This slightly varies by the blockchain, but sort by tokens. Some blockchain explorers show symbols and you would be looking for tokens without symbols. Others just show symbols and in this case you would be looking for symbols that you don't recognize (many of the ALT blockchains don't have a ton of legit projects so this is easier than it sounds). This method takes a lot of time and sometimes you can research 20 cryptocurrencies and not find a winner, but other days half are winners

    1. Google: "blockchain" blockchain explorer

  5. Follow developers of major projects on Twitter. Look and see what new projects they are starting or involved in. This involves a lot of upfront work, but you tend to end up with high quality cryptocurrencies using this method.

Investing in a Blockchain and a Crypto

The blockchain that a low market cap crypto is on does make a big difference. If the blockchain succeeds, the dapps on that blockchain often have even greater growth. I tend to stay away from BSC unless it is a cross listing or there is a specific reason they are on there. (UNO is ETH and BSC with their next version being built on Polkadot, moving to BSC temporarily for the lower fees). I also stay away from blockchains that I don’t see a great future for (Tron is an example).

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