Paris : Views from the top of Eiffel Tower

By PVM | World Wide ... World Wild | 26 Apr 2020

When you say Paris, you immediately think about romance, love and the Eiffel Tower.

The landmark is one of the most visited attractions in the world, measuring 324 meters tall. Was completed on March 1989, and was the world's tallest man-made structure for 41 years. Since its grand opening, more than 250 million people visited the Eiffel Tower

Its construction took two year, two months and five days, being completed 180 quicker than Notre Dame Cathedral.




There are 20,000 lightbulbs used on the Eiffel Tower to make it sparkle every night.

The tower has three levels for visitors, with restaurants on the first and second levels. The top level's upper platform is 276 m above the ground. Tickets can be purchased to ascend by stairs or lift to the first and second levels. The climb from ground level to the first level is over 300 steps, as is the climb from the first level to the second. Although there is a staircase to the top level, it is usually accessible only by lift.  Buying the ticket online has perks such as E-ticket and skip the lines at the ticket office.

Adult Rate 

Ticket with access lift Second floor 16,60€   

Ticket with access lift The top 25,90€ 

Ticket with access stairs Second floor 10,40€ 

Ticket with access stairs 2nd floor +lift to The top 19,70€


Back in 2014, the security wasn't as strict as now, with few security points and checks. Before entering the structure, a check and scan similar to airports is required. I will advise you to go to the top because the views from the platform are stunning and from my personal experience, only Burj Khalifa was better.





You will be 276 meters above the crowded boulevards, with only the antennae above. From the platform you can see Montmartre, l'Arc de Triumph, Les Champs de Mars, the river Seine (Senne), Notre dame, Sacre-Coeur and many more.


The Champ de Mars is a large public greenspace, between the Eiffel Tower to the northwest and the École Militaire to the southeast. The park is named after the Campus Martius in Rome, a tribute to the Latin name of the Roman God of war.



I know many who were wandering what football pitch is the one you can spot from the Tower, many saying it is Paris FC pitch. In fact, the correct answer is Stade Emile Anthoine

To finish with a less known fact, the tower was built with steel from Romania, with technology discovered in Romania, by Romanian engineer George Panculescu. He invented the system of joint railway sleepers that would revolutionise metal construction. 


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