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Thanks to Elma Neima and Adi Saric the joint founder and CEO and CTO respectively of Serenity Source who have acted fast before the issue gets out of hand by providing an alternative measure to the failure of the power sector, SERENITY SOURCE.

Electricity is one of the major essential commodities that should not be missing in this modern society. So many countries have not experience the optimal level of growth and development because their power sector is nothing to write home about.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are savior for this generation in so many ways that has gone beyond our initial imagination, hence we need to give it every chance to keep it solving our societal challenges if we are to allow the upcoming generation to have a comfortable and serene environment.

Our world needs to jealously guide this generation as we have no other planet that we can relocate to.Cryptocurrency, backed by the blockchain, is one of the biggest innovations in our history, and it is just getting started. The emergence of cryptocurrency has enticed the world and the source of power in the crypto mining ecosystem is non-renewable sources that are harmful to our health, our society by causing pollution, global warming, lose of our pets and other devastating natural factors ( earthquake, Sunami, Tonado). Harnessing energy from non-renewable sources of energy increases the bill we receive from the utility companies while our population keeps increasing on a daily basis.

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Then, we ask ourselves, what is the way out of the challenges posed by non-renewable sources of energy (NON-SERENITY SOURCES)?. The solution has been achieved from a self-sustaining project in the crypto and blockchain space is the first step to encouraging further innovation and disruption in the renewables sector.

We should all revolutionize globally by ensuring a wide acceptance of SERENITY SOURCE as a project as an ecosystem platform in which every energy users at the load will be enabled to connect with a renewable energy production and storage capabilities, though a small scale energy generator, connected to the mains being a part of shared economy monetizing their planet through incentives while at the same time protecting our planet.



Energy retailers (utility companies), buy electricity at wholesale prices and sell it directly to consumers. Retailers are responsible only for metering and billing. About 50% of the cost of retail electricity is used to pay for the electrical energy. The other half goes for administrative, marketing, risk management, and bad debts, plus loss in electricity transmission.

Let us adopt Serenity Source.

What do I mean by SERENITY SOURCE?

Serenity Source is a global platform created to use the blockchain technology to revolutionize the energy generation and energy trading with the major focus on the renewable energy sector.

Take a look at this video:


The Serenity Source process is to solve the energy generation and trading across the globe is unlike the conventional energy distribution that we used to know but is a different approach that will involve energy transaction sales, various energy trading, other support activities base on the blockchain technology. With the Serenity Source ecosystem, national electricity operators will be able to connect the platform, offering to stabilize the demand and supply of electricity power, relying on the subsidiary station, and to ensure a transforming of blockchain and renewables.


Serenity works with a vision looks forward to having every home connected with renewable energy and blockchain technology. Truly, there are challenges and impediment that will be posed by the big players who are deceptive but this is not a problem that cannot be fixed by SERENITY SOURCE. 

SERENITY SOURCE has launched its token that will be used in the ecosystem has been launched.

SERENITY SOURCE token will be the main utility token that will serve as a means of all transactions of the following;

To be used to have access to Serenity services

Use to perform tasks for the Serenity platform

To be used for acquiring of benefit share in the revenues generated

The value of the token will keep increasing as the memberships of the community grow consistently to create a higher demand for the token.

Additionally, the token will gain high value when the company implements the policy of “token buy-back and burn operations to guarantee its investors ROI.

The members of the community will redeem and burn tokens for the equitable to share incomes and non-publicize profits which are generated by the company via the development of the project (Solar, wind, battery farms and Net-Zero real estate).


SERENITY SOURCE solutions are much more environmentally friendly and efficient .Typically, produced energy is used by household and any excess generated will be sold back to the grid. For a household sustainable solution, when deployed at significant scale, introduces severe technical challenges how to balance stability of the electrical grid designed only to feed in energy, but not handle energy feedback into the electrical grid, causing over-voltage and potential infrastructure damages.

Solar energy generated during the day, but the peak demand is in the evening. Therefore, power plants must adjust electricity production as soon as sunlight exposure changes, which is not efficient and adds additional burden on power plants and energy distribution. Improvements in energy storage capabilities and drop in production cost make batteries economically viable

After judicious research and finding, the project team members were able to come up with a lasting solution that will help to contain those challenges that will be highlighted below. One of the great things that is taking place in the energy sector is that SERENITY SOURCE is bringing blockchain technology to enhance transparency and control to end users and supply those people that have sidelined by the conventional systems with reliable solutions.

Just like I said earlier on, Serenity ecosystem will link the National Electricity Operator, offering the necessary stable energy between the consumer’s demand and mains, relying on the subsidiary station, and have assurance in transforming of blockchain decentralization and renewables.

The energy produced in a given region, will also be traded and consumed in that particular area with the barest impact of the rest of the already found electricity architecture, subduing high-voltage or low-voltage requesting situations and minimizing the distribution or transmission dissipation that occurs due to large distance coverage area.

See a typical renewable energy source below.

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Those at the load centre of the Serenity Source will benefit through the bill of electricity and be rewarded with a big deal for generated and transportation of the energy from the generating station to other consumers in other parts of the world. Administrative costs will be cut down being that the project is built on blockchain technology and smart contract utilization.

Carbon credit will be used as a credit for the generation of renewable energy.

Various energy market transactions accomplished through the set of smart contracts permitting a distrustful environment for all the members of the SERENITY SOURCE community.

There has been an existence of a great step that is pretty auspicious to them by endorsing a passive-house solutions in the building sector, Rapid Building System, due time and develop Serenity Net-Zero energy networks for renewable and sustainable energy generation.

The Rapid Building System might drastically minimize the residential energy consumption in developed countries that are up to 40% of the net energy supply.



Serenity Source project is established by a team of outstanding team members, but there are lingering challenges ahead of SERENITY PROJECT, these challenges have been faced by the power sector today which includes the problem of migrating from a centralized architecture with a minor number of large-scale energy suppliers to a decentralized system of distribution system of distribution Energy Resource (DER such as solar and wind.

A substantial section of the renewables energy generated has been lost as a result of the power sector unable to excellently address the architectural change to renewable and decentralization.

The electricity generators are still faced with the challenging of balancing electricity generation and consumers demand and lack of transparency in the energy market trading and lack of rewards for reduction of energy usage. The end users bear the cost of insufficiencies power supplier which is not commensurate to the paying energy prices.

Another challenge facing the sector is the complexity in the regulations and the cost of entry. These are two major issues that are causing monopolies in the markets worldwide.

Across the world today, consumers of the electric power are interested to know the power, is generated, distribute and consumer so that they will have more control, but such avenue has not been granted them because of monopolies of the market.

The energy and building sectors have a direct correlation concerning energy usage and its loss.

Despite this interest by the final consumers, there is a huge gap of understanding of the rewards of building by passive standards that will enhance this interest.



The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is currently ongoing in Sistemkoin exchange, you can visit our website below at the end for more info on how you can be part of this great project.

Investing in this project will yield a high Return of Investment (ROI). The sources of revenue for the project, which will facilitate the return of investment. Supporting this project will help in a long way for the actualization of this great innovation.



This is the service that serves as supplements to the light generated from the national grids. This service is to ensure that there is a continuous power supply in our homes, offices and factories. The serenity will ensure that the charges on customers will be charged a little bit differently from those wholesale electricity price but cheaper than other power retailing companies. The Serenity has put in place micro-transaction technology that will permit the sales of energy.

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The total number of 500,000,000 tokens are released and will be sold in two pre-mined stages. Five percent of this token will be allocated for referrals, bounties, airdrop and marketing.


This is the utility token for payment. It is the current that is accepted for the trading of energy.

The token is a very stable and reliable payment token which is designed for the provision of security of the serenity source tokens and the immutability of a trustless transaction.

This token is as well to function as the protection of members against the fluctuation of the ecoin market and ensure the maintenance of the stabilized price of energy.



This is the utility token for awards. This token is also a stabilized token that is created to reward the reduction of CO2 as a result of the production of renewable energy. The token is also supported by the amount of carbon credit. It is driven by data and solely depend on the step of multiple approvals. When this token has been finally redeemed, it will no longer be supplied but totally destroyed.

To enjoy an uninterrupted power supply then I think the appropriate measure is to adopt Serenity source for your power supplement.



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1% of pre-mined tokens will be available for sale, stage 1

5% of pre-mined tokens will be available for sale, stage 2

34% of pre-mined tokens will be available for sale, stage 3

5% of pre-mined tokens will be distributed through Air Drop, Bounties, Referrals, Marketing

40% of pre-mined tokens will be held in Treasury

15% of pre-mined tokens will be held by Founders and Core Team



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This is a great information that fully reveals the essence and objectives of the project. The future of this prospects (Serenity Source), many important factors. Which reflect the individuality of the project. This is an exceptional project with an amazing team that has what it takes to achieve the goal. I am happy to support and participate in this project till the end of this project. Keep it up


Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.





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