Could ETH steal the crown from the king ?

By Pig Corner | Pig Corner | 19 Mar 2021




It is the Bank of America which says it or at least its team of analysts who obviously do not like Bitcoin very much.
One need only read the report titled "Bitcoin's Ugly Little Secrets" to understand this.


For Messari analyst Ryan Watkins, there is no doubt that Ethereum offers many more advantages than Bitcoin, he even goes so far as to submit the idea that the transition from Ethereum to 2.0 could propel ETH to the first place. and therefore steal the king's crown.



For Bank of America, there are plenty of reasons to say that it's best to stay away from bitcoin.
Arguments that should not appeal to BTC followers.

They believe that the only use of BTC may be its price hike, but behind this argument, BTC is doing nothing and is not destined for an interesting future.
Its volatility would make BTC unattractive, even as a store of value.

BOA analysts admit that there are issues with Etheureum on the blockchain like BTC, but unlike BTC, ETH has all the tools to easily resolve them.

The future will tell ...



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Pig Corner
Pig Corner

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Pig Corner
Pig Corner

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