Why are Western central banks dropping gold?

By patou | patou | 16 Jul 2020

Because gold is a universal reserve currency competing with their monkey currencies. (monkey money is an expression that designates a currency that has no real value.)

If gold moved on a free market, it would determine the value of currencies.

Central banks are manipulating the price of gold to defend the value of fiat currencies.

This manipulation is done today through the purchase and sale of financial derivatives (Futures, Options).

Futures markets are not manipulated, they ARE manipulation

Concretely, derivative products have created a colossal and imaginary offer of gold whose delivery is never requested.

The reason being that most speculators prefer to leave their gold in the bank vaults.

The principle is that the banks don't really have the money they owe us.

They bet on the fact that we don't all remove it at the same time…

In the gold market there is a lot more paper gold being traded than there is gold.

To put it another way, if speculators were to claim all their gold physically, only one in 500 would be delivered.

The value of gold is kept down thanks to promises of gold which are ultimately delivered in fiat currency and not in physical form.

Unlike Futures contracts on cotton, milk, copper, wheat, etc ... which generally lead to a delivery of the goods.

So if banks can't print gold, they get around the problem by printing "paper gold" ...

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