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Is It Wrong to Have Sex Before Marriage? Why Do We Have to Wait?

By PatJules | Three is a Crowd! | 4 Feb 2021

We are on our master thesis back at Uptrennd University and my topic which has great relevance to the moral issues of our society still boils down to the idea of "premarital sex and chastity." 

I already published part 1 ( and part 2 ( and before coming up with my conclusion for part 3, our chancellor gave me an idea to have a poll to expand how far my topic can go.


As per Part 1, mostly the comments where in reference to my four respondents who have shared their thoughts about my topic. They have the common denominator based on their preference and exposure.

They all agreed in a way that it must be done within the perspective of love and not out of lust as per Dania's statement, my previous student who is now based in Australia, together with a friend who is currently working in the Middle East shared just the same where he said, there's nothing wrong with it because it is "human instinct."

Odette, a nurse by profession and based in Germany, shared that "it's the couple's way to express their love for another."

Aya,a globetrotter, stated that, '"a woman's virginity is for herself alone and not for anyone else. Your body, your rules. It depends on a person's preference and belief."

This is to inform the community that I came up with this topic based on my observation and evaluation of where I am currently living and teaching here in Seychelles.

There's a higher rate of students or teenagers at Pointe Larue alone who got themselves "impregnated" not knowing the full consequence of the act. The reality of early teenage pregnancy increases as per an article of country's National newspaper

This has become a dilemma not only for teenagers but those who have a strong standpoint regarding the sanctity of physical union in the context of matrimony alone. Some people whom I had in contact with personally shared their views, had they did not get pregnant at an early stage of their relationships, they could have had expanded their horizons either into becoming a career-women or being able to do things freely before having a child.

Thomas Aquinas, his Summa Theologia on Marriage and Sex stated that what makes premarital sex wrong because it can bring the possible child into a situation where it does not have both parents to look after it.! 


Again the consequence of having a baby prior to matrimony especially the couple who are not "ready" for whatever responsibilities it incurs, would sort into the worst scenario of abortion. I remembered when hubby and I went for my prenatal check-up as it was mandatory here, the nurse asked both of us whether it was a planned or unplanned pregnancy?

At once I was wondering what made her asked the question and she clarified that most of the couple she had encountered were having "unplanned pregnancy" and the rest was history.

So the poll that I asked whether " It is Wrong to Have Sex Before Marriage?" got the result of 100% for yes.. none for No and 1 for Maybe.

What's your stand on it?




Header image edited via Canva

screenshot taken from my post back on Uptrend

photo of my baby taken at Doha International Airport when he's around 8 months old.

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Three is a Crowd!
Three is a Crowd!

Back when my ex-boyfriend (now my hubby) and I were still dating in Doha, since I don’t know my way to that hotel where we supposed to meet for the first time (actually it was recommended by a friend) so I asked her to accompany me instead. She has been living in the Middle East for two years so she knew her way around the area. True enough, (my hubby) at that time arrived too early and like I mentioned from my previous post, I was not really so into him so I was thinking of matchmaking the two.

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