By SnowWhite | Past Poems | 22 Mar 2020

Your intriguing eyes look straight at me 

And I glance right down because I'm scared you'll really see

all the hurt I've seen and words I truly didn't mean..

I give you my trust. So soon and so very much

Because I'm certain you'll never leave With your hands clutched onto my heart.

No one can ever think to tear us apart

Your more than a friend.

You're my sun shining high

Up in the clear blue sky

Just like the dazzle in your eye.

Life without you..

I'm sure I'd fall right apart with no one there to catch me.

All I have is you

You're always there to help pick up the pieces.

I can literally tell you anything no matter how hard 

I know you won't walk off like all the others have

So you'll be who I run too and tell the news. You're all I will ever need.

The one I come to..

Pushing past the rest 

Your smile brightens up every cloudy day.

Your embrace holds me together.

With you I'm finally free.

Your intriguing stare..

I finally stare back

Because I'm no longer afraid for you to see the real me.

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25. Mother, writer and trying to express myself the only way I know how

Past Poems
Past Poems

Mainly original work but made revisions after going through them.

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