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By bcflyfishao | PassiveIncomes4All | 8 Jan 2021

I'm oldschool when it comes to earning online. I went through a MLM stage thinking I was going to bust it rich anyday. I finally gave up after a lot of work and absolutely no reaping of rewards. Bitcoin was created and at one point of time I had 5 of them. I look back and kick myself because I never dreamed it would increase like it has. I made a lot of mistakes that has cost me a lot of lost earnings now.

Fast forward to 2020. I have a decent job with an actual 401K. I've been pouring everything I could into my 401K over the past few years and not seen much of a increase besides my contribution. This has had me thinking about my future and how to create a passive income for my family.

I'm a gambler. (Never play more than you are able to lose. I gamble more for entertainment purposes.) I love the craps table but I sometimes cruise the internet looking for an online casino. lt was during one of these sessions that I came across BetFury

BetFury is a revovlutionary concept for any casino by giving part of their profits back to the players. All you need to do is stake the BFG Token you receive for playing. You definitely won't become rich overnight, unless you spend a fortune, but over time this feature can more than pay for itself. After playing for awhile I came up with the idea of a passive income.


After playing on BetFury for awhile I started looking through my old bitcoin sites. To my great surprise I had actual crypto in a few wallets. Not much, but enough that I could start my plan with no cash involved. At this point I have invested a little over $100 in BetFury. Thanks to a whole lot of luck I receive about $2 a day in bitcoin from my staked tokens. I also receive other cryptocurrencies but in small amounts which I usually use to play more.

I have a lot of faucets that I play with but my main one right now is I have $150 that I continue to cycle through their 7 day subscription plans and earn 2% of my funds. The neat part about these plans is that for 24 hours after subscribing your funds you receive 4x freerolls. I have enough to subscribe to 4 plans a week so far and this has netted me a few extra dollars a week. I know most people would shake their head and roll their eyes over a couple of dollars but I'm looking at long term here.


The newest project I've been looking at is CakeDefi. I don't know to much about them yet, but soon as Cryptotab will deposit my bitcoin to them, I'll be able to explore more. Right now CakeDefi has a limited time offer that if you sign up with a referral code and make a deposit (as low as 1 satoshi) you receive $30 of DFI for free. It is staked for 180 days but interest is compounded during this time. I'm curious to see where this company will go and I see big things happening in the future for it. If you would like to join my referral code is 690229 or you can click here

All in all I think I'm doing pretty good for only being at this for a few months off and on. I've earned my initial investment back plus 50% and my portfolio continues to grow little by little. As I learn more and come to trust companies more I plan on investing my hard earned cash too. Five years is my goal to have a permanent passive income.

I'll go into greater detail in later post of all the sites I use and benefits of each. I know most of us have our favorites that we use, and some people are always cruising for a better one. These are just the ones I like and have been useful to me.



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