I Uncover The Scams So You Don't Have To - Avoid TheCryptoFaucet.com

I Uncover The Scams So You Don't Have To - Avoid TheCryptoFaucet.com

By Wantandable | PassiveIncome | 18 Jun 2020

This is the downside of experimenting with all these different platforms so you guys don't have to. Sometimes it just doesn't work out! Thecryptofaucet.com was touted by various blogs and forum posts as a reliable faucet website as recently as mid-2019 so I assumed that this would still be the case. The website looks professional, is fairly responsive. It only allows you to roll its faucet once daily and the rewards are extremely reasonable. All of these things lead you to believe it will be a reliable faucet! But after using the website for a few weeks I attempted to cash out my earnings and it has proved impossible.


When you initiate a withdrawal it will appear on this screen. The problem that most are experiencing is that the withdrawal is never actually initiated, and the supposed "date" you have initiated the withdrawal will change every day to the current day/time. Making it look as if you've only just initiated the withdrawal process. You can see in the screenshots above and below taken on seperate days of my withdrawal changing it's date and time. And no Transaction ID ever being given. I'm writing this article after giving an extremely reasonable 2 weeks for the withdrawal to occur. Yeah that's right, I'm patient as all hell!


So naturally I figure there is a small problem with my withdrawal and I reach out to support. The support process for Thecryptofaucet.com is merely a Discord server you can join and give the admin the information regarding your issue. But after being a member of this Discord for a few days I've found that the only posts you will find are of others whose withdrawals aren't being processed either.

It appears that the "Admin" responsible for running the faucet and administering support was last present on the server in November of 2019. Now it's just a bunch of people yelling into the abyss about the crypto they are owed.

Some users are still receiving payouts, and this can be seen on the main page of the website. But if you look closer you will notice that despite offering 9 cryptocurrencies to earn, all the recent payouts only occur in one of 4 currencies. It is likely the withdrawal process for all coins is automated and the reason payouts are still occuring for a few, is simply because the wallet isn't yet empty. Currently the only coins that can still be withdraw are Digibyte, Dogecoin, Siacoin and Verge.


The website was clearly operated by one person. The operator claims it actually ran at a loss and that he operated it as a kindness to the community. But that user has gone dark. Whether Thecryptofaucet.com is now a "scam" is up to interpretation. There could be less nefarious things at work, possibly the operator ran into some unfortunate circumstances, we will never know! But I want to get the word out to avoid it at all costs. You'll just be wasting your time and energy. Faucets already pay so little as it is! And that's assuming you ACTUALLY get paid.



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