Have Unlimited Internet? I Have Payment Proof! Honeygain Pays For Your Excess Bandwidth!

Have Unlimited Internet? I Have Payment Proof! Honeygain Pays For Your Excess Bandwidth!

By Wantandable | PassiveIncome | 11 May 2020

For those who have been following me from the beginning of my writing on Publish0x in March they would have seen one of my earliest posts was about a software called Honeygain. In that post I reviewed the software and gave a solid explanation of how it functions.

The general idea is that Honeygain uses your excess internet bandwidth available from your internet service provider and pays you for providing it to them. They play middlemen, paying $.10/GB for your bandwidth to you and then turning around and selling it to those who need access to residential IP's. Generally this is used to evade geo-blocking by various services. I'm sure many of you have used services that do just that to access the streaming services of various countries.

I've been using Honeygain for quite a long time now and have found it to be a great source of passive income. I don't earn a lot, but what I love about it is I literally just open my computer and the job is done. The software runs in the background on startup and I don't even notice it. Even better on my phone where I haven't noticed any battery drain over my time using it, and I have the app set to merely run while I'm on wi-fi.

I suggest if it sounds interesting to you, head over and read my original review linked above! I think it's highly likely you'll find it a good service like I have. Plus you get to feel like you're bravely waging war against geo-blocking and letting some Canadian somewhere stream UK Netflix in peace! I mean they've got the best sci-fi options....you can't blame me.


The reason I'm bringing Honeygain back to the forefront is I wanted to provide the doubters with payment proof from Honeygain! I had received payments before but generally delete all my emails so hadn't stored any proof. At the time I also was in-between Paypal accounts due to "evil-centralized payment processor crap." And now that I've received another payout I wanted to make sure the record is straight that Honeygain is a legitimate software that pays 100% of the time.


The only odd thing I've ever found with Honeygain and their payouts is, that they always come from different Paypal accounts. I have found this unusual and brought it up in my original review. However I have never had issue with receiving my payout, and therefore am willing to chock this up to some sort of logistical-quirk they have going on with how they make payments.

So far in my time on Publish0x I haven't made a point of revisiting, or doing followups any of my previous passive income methods. I don't think I generally will unless I feel like I have more to say or something has changed with the service. In this case I felt strongly that the payment proof was important given my previous post had some doubters.

Honeygain remains a good paying, and ACTUALLY PASSIVE income opportunity. I strongly encourage anyone with unlimited internet to make use of it. Why not get a little bit knocked off that monthly bill you're paying either way?

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