Brand New Mobile Stellar Faucet - Quick + Easy + Payment Proof Inside - Crypto Rain: XLM

Brand New Mobile Stellar Faucet - Quick + Easy + Payment Proof Inside - Crypto Rain: XLM

By Wantandable | PassiveIncome | 30 May 2020

My regular readers know I like making money and crypto with as little effort as possible. Generally I favor passive income, and that's the name of the game! However I am partial to faucets if they meet my standards. Generally these cryptocurrency faucets don't pay a lot but they do  I've stumbled across a new faucet Crypto Rain: XLM produced by Rusty Bitcoin. A new company that intends to develop a series of faucets for various cryptocurrencies. This is my short and sweet review of their first app, a Stellar (XLM)  faucet currently available on Android, with IOS (coming soon).

When trying new faucets I have a few personal requirements to avoid wasting my time. The faucet must be really quick to make a claim. Ideally this is 20 seconds or less. I'm willing to let this go longer as long as the faucet is responsive and doesn't feel like it drags. Crypto Rain: XLM takes roughly 45 seconds to complete a claim. This consists of clicking a button to "roll" your reward, watching a short video ad (10-30 seconds) and then completing a captcha. You are able to claim around twice an hour which is pretty nice. While the claims are longer than I generally would like, I don't find they feel like a long period of time. This is likely due to how responsive the app is. Overall I'm happy with the speed of the faucet. Below you can see an image of the claiming screen. It's as straightforward as it gets!


You know what? Let's skip to the end and talk payouts. Because really that's the most important thing with a faucet and if they are frustrating, then nothing else matters. And another requirement I have is the faucet must have a relatively low payout threshold. Crypto Rain: XLM pays you in micro-XLM and you are able to make a fee-less withdrawal upon reaching 50,000 micro-stellar. This doesn't take long at all, you WILL reach your payout within a few days of use if you're claiming a handful of times a day.

Personally I don't invest in or use XLM so knew little of the crypto going into using this faucet. XLM enforces an account balance minimum of 1 XLM and so if you are to withdraw to an empty address/wallet you will have issues. The app specifically states not to withdraw to an address that has less than 1 XLM in it. You can get around this by withdrawing to an exchange! I personally use Coinbase. I don't recommend storing crypto long term on an exchange but in this situation Coinbase is perfect because there is no account minimum. I was able to receive $.01 worth of XLM without any issue. Once I use the faucet more and have accumulated a substantial amount ($1.00 or so) I can convert the XLM to another crypto that I actually hold and walk away richer.

So back to Crypto Rain: XLM. The payout threshold is extremely low, it literally is in the range of 1 cent that you are able to withdraw from their app without fees. This is very commendable! Many faucets use unnecessarily high payout ratios to make you feel like you have to keep using them to get your "moneys worth". Or so you use them for a while and then give up, never actually withdrawing. This is not one of those faucets. Payments are also sent within an hour of being requested! All in all the payment procedure is one of the best I've experienced with a faucet and is my favourite feature.

Other features of Crypto Rain: XLM include a leveling system allowing you to increase your claims with loyalty to the app. After a handful of days using I've already reached level 14 and have seen my claims value increase substantially. Looking at the base claim value and my current claims it appears as if reaching level 14 has increased the value of my claims by 25%! The app also has options for receiving Push notifications on your device whenever a claim is possible. I find these convenient to make sure I'm getting the most out of the faucet in my downtime. Below you can see the account summary screen. It shows you both your level as well as all time earnings via the app.


Finally Crypto Rain: XLM does feature a referral system. For all you passive income junkies this is the only passive income opportunity here. You will earn 15% of all claims by users you refer for their lifetime. This has the potential to be quite lucrative! Any system that offers you lifetime commission falls into the top-tier of referral systems we want to be utilizing. The only negative is there is no incentive for the user being referred! It can be hard to get people to sign up to apps when there is no bonus for doing so! No surprise here, every link to download Crypto Rain in this app is a referral link. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

This all isn't to say the app is perfect. Firstly it's in beta so it has some issues. I've run into it having errors and not counting a claim here or there, and I've also had it constantly prompt me to "update" even though the app was fully updated. In this case it would automatically open the page on Google Play where I would merely hit "open" and continue as normal. But it does take a few seconds and is odd. I'm sure these glitches will be worked out in due time as the app is virtually brand new. 

And honestly, there isn't much more to say. This is the first app from Rusty Bitcoin but I'm excited to see more. I'm a huge fan of the design! It's simple, with little distraction. The payout threshold is extremely low allowing you to "vet" their trustworthiness shortly after signing up. And the claims, while of medium-length don't FEEL very long. I hope Rusty Bitcoin decided to continue their "Crypto Rain" series of faucets. I would much rather be using faucets developed with these attributes than most of the ones out there today.

Edit: And look at me I forgot to include the Payment Proof! As you can see the payout threshold is extremely low. You can easily receive payments of this size on a daily basis.



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