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Receive airdrops with Binance voting!

By knohen | Passive Income | 15 Jan 2020

Hey Guys!

Today I checked my Binance notifications and to my surprise Binance now has a voting system.

Here is a quick summary how to get started voting on Binance to receive some precious airdrops.




At first I thought, great free coins! When I checked out how the voting system works, I realized to my regret that you must have at least 50 BNB tokens as your average daily BNB holdings. Probably having 50 BNB in your wallet, isn’t that bad at all when you consider the BNB token being used in the future ecosystem binance is creating.Also using BNB for trading on Binance gives you a 50% discount on trading fees.


Voting System


Now the Binance Coin sadly isn’t that cheap anymore with a price of 17.54$ today (01.15.2020), so to get at least 1 vote, you have to spend 877$. This is definitely not cheap, but hear me out, there will be plenty of airdrops and on every airdrop you can vote. It is always a battle between 2 new coins, where the winner of the voting gets listed on Binance. If you are on the voting team that won, the airdrop will be distributed among all the votes, so you get more coins if you own more BNB.


Competition with countdown


If you haven’t already got an account on binance, use the link below to get 5% off of all your trading fees.

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