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Crypto Income #6 My Netbox browser experience

By knohen | Passive Income | 24 Jan 2020

Welcome back in my crypto income series.

In part 6 I will tell you more about my experiences with the new Netbox browser.


When I first heard about Netbox Global, I wasn’t really interested in it, because I already got a new browser I really like Brave. Once I heard that you get 20 NBX coins just for installing the browser I was in!

Now here is the first disappointment, I didn’t get the 20 NBX coins they promised. I quickly checked their website and to be fair it says there that only the first 125,000 browser users will receive 20 NBX coins, guess I wasn’t one of them, even though there is no way to know.


I pretty much forgot about the browser afterwards.


But after 2 days I checked the browser again and realized I have gotten at least some NBX coins! After researching a bit more, it seems that you get NBX coins for many different reasons, which can be activity on the browser, staking rewards, masternode rewards and referral rewards.






I really wanted to run a master node as the required amount of NBX to run a masternode is 10,000. With such a low price of NBX currently it would cost just 583.66$ to run one node.



The mechanism for distribution of the reward for the found block is designed in such a way that not only masternode owners, but also ordinary network users can receive the reward. Since each network member performs the function necessary for the network, the distribution of rewards inherent in each block is performed as follows:

50% - for owning a masternode;

21% - for coin staking;

21% - for active use of the Netbox.Global platform tools;

8% - for the development team.

According to you can get an annual income of 6,996.32 NBX respectively 408,51$.  

Masternode setup guide


I was so hyped to get a masternode going that I nearly forgot to check the available markets. That’s when I realized that NBX isn’t really traded much, it’s especially only traded on exchanges I don’t have a verified account on.




In most cases I decide against making a new account on a shady exchange I never heard about. That’s why I looked around for other ways to buy NBX, I found their own token sale and a Netbox Exchange.

Sadly the built in Netbox exchange works with “change Now” and does not trade NBX, at least you can buy NBX coins directly from them for just 238% more than at those shady exchanges.




Well after comparing Netbox to other projects I could have a masternode running, I decided against Netbox, I will instead just stake those NBX coins for now and see what happens in the future. At least staking is working fine for me until now, I will continue staking new NBX coins until I have a good amount built up.




If anyone knows what’s up with the bonuses, please let me know! I couldn’t figure out how to get them.




Of course the Netbox browser also has a referral program, I am always happy to sign up with a referral link as I can support authors without having to pay more! Invite your friends via referral program and get bonuses. If user comes via your referral link and creates Netbox.Wallet, each of you gets 1 NBX. Besides, each of you gets 9 NBX after the first month of using Netbox.Browser.

Here are my links:


Whitepaper for anyone who wants to read it.

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