BetFury for investments? Better be careful!

BetFury for investments? Better be careful!

Lately I discovered the gambling website „BetFury“. I‘m usually not the type of person that hangs around on gambling sites but what makes this site special is the ability to buy investment boxes which grand you a certain revenue over the course of time.

What cought my attention was this nice box that they offered for 7500 Satoshis, an investment small enough to take the risk of loosing.

Aqua Box for 7500 Satoshi

7500 Satoshi with a revenue of 10% per month looked like an extremely good deal.

So I decided to deposit some of my hard earned coins to BetFury and sent exactly the amount to buy the package.

But as the offer looked too good to be true, I soon noticed that I can‘t just buy the box but have to gamble for at least 0.0008 BTC before I can buy the box. The information couldn’t be seen in the details, but only after hitting the “Buy Box” button. So you will probably only see it after having enough balance on the account to buy it. Or in other words after you deposited some coins.

To be honest such a behavior doesn‘t help building trust in the website but since the withdrawing fee would eat almost all of my spent coins, I decided to play by their rules and do the gambling in order to reach the 0.0008 BTC volume.

Since I didn‘t want to lose all the coins, I went the save way and picked the „Dice“ game for gambling since it is easy to grasp and you can decide about the chance of winning.

Settings for dice game

In case you don‘t know how the game works. Each round a number between 1 and 100 is drawn. The player sets an arbitrary limit. If the number is beneath your limit, you win, otherwise you loose.

When setting the chance to 49% my bet gets doubled. In other words each time I burn through my whole balance I will statistically lose 1% of it. I decided to bet the minimum of 1 Satoshi so that according to the „law of large numbers“ my loss would be roughly 1% of my balance each time I burn through all my coins.

In order to compensate for the losses I will have to visit my old friend Faucet a couple of times, since I have no desire to spend any more money on BetFury.

Even with the fast play button activated it took ages to reach the 0.0008 BTC goal.

Running through my whole bankroll this way took from 8:32 to 10:02 so roughly one and a half hours. With my browser noticeably slowing down over time. So I‘s advise to close it from time to time to clear the cache. After calculating the difference between the balances I noticed a loss of 1,58% which is pretty near the number mentioned in the dice game. So the displayed chance to win seems legit.

After the first run through my stats look as follows:

Balance after 7500 dice rolls

So I made roughly 1 BFG while gambling which should create some coins i stacking.

Progress to buy the Aqua Box

Before I will reach my goal of 0.0008 BTC I will probably have to repeat this 10.6 times.

I will keep you updated on the outcome.

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I choose to not include my referral link for now since I’m still not sure if the saving boxes on BetFury are a legit offer or just a way to lure people onto the site.



In case you are waiting for the follow up article. I'm currently unable to log in into the website. It asks me to change my password again and again. Better be careful with this site.

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