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passive income, using your passive income to invest


By Coax | passive income through crypto | 20 Nov 2021

Through research, reading and joining courses on crypto, i can conclude that the first thing that we need to do is to know which type of investor you are, set your goal and forming you portfolio. 

Type of investors

Basically we can divide investors into 2 categories which is short term trader or long term "hodler". Short term traders as the name implies refers to the investors who trade the coin in order to get the profit. They buy at low price and sell when the price goes up to a certain target. Long term "hodler" refer to those who believe that the coin will go up in the long term. This type of investors will do the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). The strategy is to buy regularly and to buy at dip so that the average buying price is at lower level compare to current price.


Setting up goal or target

Whether you are a short term trader or long term "hodler", you still need to have a goal in your mind. You can set short term goal or long term goal. Because of the high volatility of the price in this type of investment, emotion will interfere with our judgement. When your have clear goal or target then you will not sway from your path. This can avoid panic selling at loss or panic buying because of fear of missing out (FOMO).


Forming the portfolio

When investing in any investment, it is important that you dont put all your money in one basket. It is important to diversify it so that the loss can be minimize. Similar thing apply in this crypto investment. It is advisable to put most of your investment in the stable and trusted coin. For example, you can put 75% of your investment in BTC and ETH and the rest 25% in other coins. It is important that you do your own fundamental research on the coin that you want to invest. 


My Strategies

Type of investors: 70% long term and 30% short term. I am using Binance to buy BTC and ETH for my long term investment. I use Kucoin for Bot trading (short term). All the profit from short term will go to my long term investment. All incomes from other passive income will also go to long term investment.

My Goals:

Short term investment: i aim for 10% profit each time i trade. All the profit will go to long term investment

Long Term investment: Buy regular 2 weekly for DCA. At 30% profit, i will take profit (TP) around 5%. This will be use to buy at dip later. This strategy will ensure that i have budget to buy at dip. This will be my retirement fund plan (more than 10 years).

My Portfolio:

50% BTC

25% ETH

25% other coins

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice. please do your own research and invest at your own risk.

Feel free to use my referal code if you want:

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Salary worker who aims to get passive income

passive income through crypto
passive income through crypto

This is my journey in gaining passive income and crypto investment.

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