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Firefaucet review

By Coax | passive income through crypto | 23 Dec 2021


Fireaucet is one of many faucet that can be found. It enable us to earns crypto coins by doing multiple task. You will get points which can be convert to any coin you like. There are 12 coins that you can select including BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, Dodge and other coins. I have tried for a month and what i like about this faucet is that i managed to withdraw every 3 days constantly without fail. I choose to withdraw in USDT because the minimum limit for withdrawal is lower at 2.5 usd. Thus, i can withdraw to my crypto wallet and convert it to any coin i like later at dip. You will get more if you spend more time. i only spend half an hour to one hour per day.

one of my withdrawal


1)Do survey as much as possible. This will give you a lot of points. There are many survey, you have to try everything and see which survey is suitable for you. 

2) Try to level up because you get point by level up

3) If survey all finish up, try to do short link, PTC and complete the daily task

4) Use Brave browser to block ads and at the same time you get BAT by using Brave browser


Try this fire faucet. You have nothing to loose. It is absolutely free. You only have to spend some time to earn. Use this link to register if you interested to try

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Salary worker who aims to get passive income

passive income through crypto
passive income through crypto

This is my journey in gaining passive income and crypto investment.

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