So I just added KSM to my crypto portfolio on Binance! Proud to be a part of the Kusama Network

So I just added KSM to my crypto portfolio on Binance! Proud to be a part of the Kusama Network

DD! Disclaimer! This article is not in any form financial advice! The article depicts my own strategy on investing. I am not responsible for your decisions! Always do your own research before investing! If you invest, only use funds you can afford to loose!  If you are having panic attacks and can not handle when your portfolio swings 20% or more then you are too exposed! AGAIN! I am not to be made responsible for your actions! "Do your own fucking research you dumb fuck!"(  yes even on wsb people are keeping this in mind! they call it DD! Google it! Or much better: PRE SEARCH IT) this article contains referral links, I will make commissions if you register through these links. THX!

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Buying KSM but why?



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I am a crypto enthusiast, so it seems obvious to me to be part of as many projects as possible. If you do not know the Kusama network it should be your very next thing you check out! Kusama is the playground for all Polkadot projects. Any project who will apply to be part of Polkadot in the future will have to deploy on the Kusama network first. This means that the Kusama token will be used and staked for projects. Increased use and increasing demand for the token will have a positive long term effect on the value of KSM. 


There is something about KSM wich makes me feel very optimistic for the future. Remember my strategy is to invest as passively as possible. In this case the trades have to be a little more active so I can get in at better prices. There is a limited supply on KSM tokens and as soon as DOT gets more interesting KSM will get more interest too. 


Over the period of this year I will continue to invest smaller amounts in KSM when the time seems to be right. Being any major market corrections and bearish times my best time to go shopping. Allocating cash on different exchanges is key to this. All my extra income I make will flow into USDT and probably BUSD or DAI. When times are right I will take portions of these cash allocations to invest it in buying KSM with the goal to take part in the Kusama Networks activities. Having only 1 token wont do the job, so the only thing is to get hold of as much KSM as possible. By actively staking in the Kusama network in the future I hope to make some nice passive income in the long term.


The trade made the proud owner of 1,03 KSM at a price of 1,65 BNB yeterday in the afternoon CETas of writing this article I could have gotten in cheaper for just 1.45 BNB but since I am a longterm investor it doesnt really matter when I invest. I invest for a long term run of 5-10 years approximately. 


I will keep you updated on my crypto portfolio in the future. Also check out my Bitpanda portfolio on Instagram! Daily updates on the BCI25 Index,
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Passive income the key to financial freedom

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