My crypto portfolio- passive investing tested on the crypto market

This is no financial advice! This is my private opinion on investing! Do your own research! Only invest money you can afford to loose! If you are sweating at night because your portfolio swings 20-30% down and up you are invested too much! Relax you do not have to get rich over night!

Do not believe a single word I write! Do your own fucking research, do not come to me crying that you did as I did and lost it all!
Very unlikely though. No financial advice! I will not be held responsible!


Passive investments keep you calm



I have been involved in crypto currencies since 2016 and I lost a decent amount of money in the first BTC hype. Biggest mistake getting scammed by the idea of mining BTC and Eth through a mining service, wich cancelled all contracts as soon as BTC prices dropped significantly. I put everything I had left wich was 0,014 BTC and 0.17 Eth on my wallet. Then I checked in with all the faucets I visited and collected what I had: 2600 Doge  a little bit of BTC (only some insignificant satoshi). Then I left the cryptospace for 4 years during these years I never really touched my wallet exceppt for the purchase of some healing herbs on empire market where I paid 0,014 and got rid of all my BTC.
Do not worry it was nothing illegal, haven´t been on a darknet page since then.

So just in Oktober 2020 I decided after a long period of struggling in different jobs living from paycheck to paycheck that something had to change. Best Idea during a global pandemic is to reinvent yourself! I work full time from home, maybe have to leave the house to go on set for about 5-7 days a month. I have plenty of time for my relationship, I have time for the good stuff.

How I came out of the hole is an other story to tell. In a nutshell I got my finances straight and it turns out I could save up quite a decent amount of money if I wanted to. Getting my financial  situation organized got me thinking of all the assets I had on my Ledger Nano S (purchase yours here and help me make passive income :) Thanks!)

I checked what I had and decided to move it to my new Binance account and put it to work. I won´t tell you all my trades here because that is really boring, my strategy is to build up different assets, rarely selling for profits and only to reinvest profits when realized. I invested 200€ in Fiat money on Binance and purchased more ETH I own ADA, DOGE, REEF, Tether, DAI,  I did not invest in BTC still don´t own but a few satoshis. My Binance account grew to a nice 800€ portfolio in the first 3 month with a total investment of 200€ in Fiat. 

Positions on Binance:


  • 0,39 BETH (locked position staked in ETH 2.0)

  • 0,00291387 BNB 
  • 0,00002536 LIT


  • 21,73 BUSD staked in the launch pool
  • 1,7066 BNB staked in the launch pool
  • 96,568 shares on liquid swap USDT/DAI worth 206,76 $ unrealized PNL 1,89 $
    this should grow since investment should bring about 11% APY

Total value in BTC: 0,0255

I hold 859 ADA in my Yoroi wallet and delegate it to a pool for 5% APY already got my first reward 

I will move the ADA I purchase on bitpanda to this wallet and delegate it to the pool. 


I also started up my account on bitpanda where I invested 101 € so far and will be passively investing 50€ in 2 different assets. Each month on the 15th regardless the price my account triggers two buy orders 25€ for ADA purchase at market price 25€ for the BCI25 index. This is an actual Index tracking the 25 biggest crypto assets by marketcap  so far this baby made a nice 30% return in the past two weeks. you can just follow my account on instagram to see updates on my BCI25 wallet. 



I have moved 0,1 ETH to and invested it in the DEFI Pulse Index bought 0.43 DFI now worth 180$ initial investment calculated was 87$
The fee of moving the ETH and investing in the Defi pulse index was really not cheap. But I have learned from my mistakes and will try to invest more next time.


Let me know what you think! Comment down below I would love to read some input. 

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5% commission kickback on Binance
10€ Bonus on Bitpanda

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Passive income the key to financial freedom
Passive income the key to financial freedom

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