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Those who follow my account on hive know that I am a photographer and film maker, and since a short time I am also an NFT artist. Actually thats one of the main reasons for me coming to hive and also getting in contact with LEO finance and all its investment opportunities.
A lot of you might be aware of how crazy the world of NFT art has been over the past two months. And since I missed so many trains in my life I thought I´d jump on this one. So I created an account at NFTshowroom and applied as an artist.
A few hours later I got verified and earned the NFTshowroom artist badge. First badge I have ever gotten as an adult.
The next step was to step out ouf my comfort zone artistically and try to create art pieces that actually find peoples liking. Well thats a hard nut to crack so after some struggles I started just with experimenting in different ways and use my skills I already knew I had.
So far I created 29 NFTs some being single but also some multiple editions.
NFT creation costs 5 SWAP.HIVE + 1 SWAP.HIVE per edition. Upon completion of the initial sale NFT Showroom collects a 10% commission. Upon completion of secondary market sales NFT Showroom collects a 10% commission and pays half of that as a royalty (5%) to the original artist.
Currently items can only be listed with a buy it now price. Bidding is on the roadmap!

Total minting costs have been 223 SWAP.HIVE in total. So far my earnings are:

SANDWICH 3 editions cost 7 HIVE



  • sold edition #2 of solymi_experiments_sandwich to @blue.rabbit for 23.000 SWAP.HIVE

$BST – a shitcoin white paper –– No financial advice costs 29 HIVE






This NFT has been minted to celebrate the kickoff of th @liotes project if you are a part of this project you should get your hand on one of these :)


Turningpoint – neon dream costs 9 SWAP.HIVE

  • @bullauge bought edition #2 from @solymi for 42.690 SWAP.HIVE
    I am really proud of this sale since @bullauge is one of our big collector whales with over 500 pieces of art! You can check his galleries on cryptovoxels it is an amazing collection!

Isn´t she lovely minting costs 10 SWAP.HIVE

  • @bullauge bought edition #2 from @solymi for 8.000 SWAP.HIVE
    This was a real bargain I was experimenting around with my prices and this was left on 8 Hive again it is @bullauge securing edition 2 here


BOO!! II minting costs 10 SWAP.HIVE for 6 editions



also this sale makes me really happy since Richard is a hot selling artist on NFT showroom and his style is just great!


So this is all my sales and I just realized that I did a mistake counting my minting costs. Since I reinvested some of the HIVE I made from sales into minting new NFTs my initial cost is much lower than all my minting costs in total. But since I am a bad fuckup in maths I wont recount if thats ok for you.

So earnings: 154,71 totals
makes a profit of -70 something if we count with total costs of minting and sales.

Some of my earnings went back into minting new art some bought LENM tokens to produce LEN. There is still tons of NFTs I have not sold yet and marketing them is quite hard.

@nathanmars has been really helpful on twitter shilling my art to a lot of his followers, I have been pretty active on twitter too. We will see where it leads.


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$BST – a shitcoin white paper –– No financial advice

Thanks for reading check out NFT showroom it is a vibrant market and you can make some extra HIVE while you sleep :)

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