Earn crypto easily every day with these daily activities on the hive blockchain

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If you want to build yourself a semi passive income and earn crypto on a daily basis, you should join the community of the hive blockchain.

Hive is a smart contract based blockchain with several dapps and endpoints. Most of these are blogging platforms but you will find a lot to explore within this vibrant ecosystem.

I will guide you through the process of setting up your hive account with the GUIDE of leofinance.io by creating an account you will be able to use it on any platform based on the hive blockchain.

Create Your Hive Account:

The first step is to create your Hive account.


Hive Account Creation Process:

1). Choose Your Account (choose a username)

This username is also going to be your hive wallet address anyone who knows your username will be able to send you tokens! If you transfer hive from an exchange like BINANCE you will use this username as withdrawal address.



2). Save your username + password and make sure to click the “Download Backup” button and save that txt file in a safe place

IMPORTANT!! This is a blockchain account. If you lose your password, you will lose access to your Hive account and the funds inside of it.

Really! Safe place! I printed my keys on a piece of paper. It is well hidden and protected. I saved it on a micro sd card stored securely and with extra encryption! I have it pieced into several txt files  stored on a USB stick again enrcypted and stored securely!


3). Verify that you’re a human

To avoid spam account creation, HIVEONBOARD requires that you do a one-time-code verification via SMS. Hiveonboard respects privacy and will not share your data to 3rd parties or use it for other purposes. 

Off to the races! Your Hive account has been created and you should have saved your private keys & password in a SAFE place!!


Now that you have a hive account you will be able to interact with the hive ecosystem. And that is big and might seem overwhelming at first sight. 

If you are already blogging on other platforms you might want to use ecency or peakd both are easy and accessible to use. You can crosspost your content you already have or create new original content. Readers will be able to upvote your posts and these upvotes pay out in real crypto one week after you published your article. People get rewarded for upvoting good quality content so they have an incentive too. 

Join communities that interest you and start interacting with these communities by directly posting content in these tribes. You will see how rewarding it is.

Everything you post on hive will appear on all blogging platforms so regardless of what endpoint users prefer they see the content of each creator.



Small drips of crypto for each transaction (post, upvote, comments) you make!


You will receive HBD hive bound dollars and HP hive power into your wallet. The HP is representing your influence in the network. The higher it goes the more value your upvotes will have. This grows continously as you post and comment and like others work.

On the integrated exchange you can trade you HBD into swap.hive and transfer these hives to an exchange to sell or power up your HP by staking the hive you have. 

After 2 month of use my account looks like this:


  • You can start earning HIVE and HBD right now! I am powering up and also power down my HP. If you power down you will get the amount in weekly payments over a timespan of 13 weeks. This stabilizes the price of hive and hbd and prevents fast token dumps.
  • So what can you do to earn daily income on hive? 
  • Post daily and upvote daily! Thats it. You can of course do more than that. But thats for another post.
  • One of the easiest way to gain some traction in the beginning is by participating in challenges and contests. There is a lot of them.
  • I use the #IAAC tag which is all about posting daily celebrating the fact that you are alive. Each member of this community gets upvoted and highlighted on a regular basis.
  • The #monomad photo challenge or the #shadowhunters photo contests are also popular and very rewarding! 
  • The gaming community is amazing and you can make a lot of crypto by playing splinterlands or the risingstargame
  • There is a community for every human being in the hive ecosystem inclusive and rewarding!

Follow me solymi on hive and I will kickstart your hive career!



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Passive income the key to financial freedom

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