Top 5 Gambling Dapps in Ethereum

Hey guys, 

It has been a while since I have posted anything but with the Bitcoin block halving on the horizon and the resurgence of cryptocurrencies across the board, I felt kind of energized to piece something together for you :)

Like most of you, I have been trapped away at home with little to do (except this copious eating) and no motivation to drive me to write anything. However, when Bitcoin managed to shoot above $8,000 on April 29th, I suddenly felt the buzz in the industry and wanted to put something out there!

As always, I am regularly searching for new ways to make some extra money through cryptocurrency and I have recently been falling down the rabbit hole of gambling on Ethereum with some fantastic results.

Why Ethereum?

Well, to be honest with you, I am not the biggest fan of Tron and I already have MetaMask installed so it was pretty easy for me to just dig through some of the online Casino dApps that are already built on top of Ethereum.

So, without further ado, I bring to you...the Top 5 Gambling Dapps in Ethereum

1. Dice 2 Win


When I first logged onto the Dice2Win platform I was taken aback to how clean and simple the interface was. It was almost too simple. However, after looking over the platform for a few minutes I realized it was perfect for the 4 games that they had available to play. 

It is crisp, intuitive, and easy to know exactly where you would want to head.

Games On Offer

Dice2Win only offers 4 games;

  • Coin flip
  • Roll a dice
  • Two dice
  • Etheroll

The coin flip is pretty straightforward. Just place a bet on one side of the coin and flip it. If you guessed the right side, you win 1.97x your bet.

It was actually on coin flip where I really fell in love with the interface. I mean, look how clean and beautiful it is;


Everything is laid out in such a simple fashion so it is easy to understand what you’re betting and your winning potential.

Roll a dice is also pretty straight forward as you just bet on a dice number to land and you win if it comes up on the roll. This is the same thing for the two dice games.

Etheroll is fairly similar to dice, however, you bet on a number, and if you roll less than that number you win. Judging from the timestamps in the game history, this seems to be the most popular game on the platform.

Why Do I Like It?

Well, I’ve already mentioned how beautiful the platform looks itself. 

I also like the fact that they show the game history and all of the recent winners on the right-hand side of each game. 


They also have some stats on the homepage to show the total number of wagers in the last 24 hours and the winners over the past day. That guy that won 7 ETH today must be pretty damn happy;


The 1% fee per wager seems pretty reasonable and another 1% is also deducted to go into the jackpot.

Lastly, the most important thing about this casino is that it is open source so we can actually go into the code of the smart contract and know that the odds are not stacked against us under the terms of fair play.

What Don’t I Like About It?

Well, they don’t have an online live chat (trollbox) so there is no real sense of community in the casino. However, they do have a Telegram group with over 500 members (45 active when I checked) but there is still not much community action going on in there.

Dice2Win Stats;

Active users: 684 (in the last 30 days) 

Transactions: 162K  (in the last 30 days) 

30-Day Volume: $12 million 

Dice2Win is the most popular casino by volume on this list and, considering how intuitive their platform is, it is no surprise that it has the highest volume.

2. Etheroll


Etheroll looked extremely straightforward when I first logged onto their platform. It almost seemed too straightforward.

But, then again, there is only one game available to play on the platform - Etheroll! So, it does kind of make sense as to why it is just a 1-page casino.

The game that they offer is Etheroll - similar to the Etheroll on Dice2Win where you take a roll and if it lands underneath the number you selected, you win.

What do I like About It?

I like that it is a simple one-page casino and you have the sliders to be able to choose which number you wish to roll. I also really like how they show your profit as an addition to your original bet - rather than just stating “You win 1.56X”;


They also have an about section right next to the betting system which tells you all about Etheroll and how much Ethereum has actually been wagered on the platform and how much has been won;


However, the best thing I like about this platform is the fact that you can actually “bet on the house” through the DICE token itself. This allows token holders to earn a share of the profits made by Etheroll every 12-weeks. The profits that you can earn are proportional to the number of DICE tokens that you hold.

Every 12 weeks, the smart contract moves all of the ETH profit from the games core-contract and moves it to the rewards contract for the token holders to claim. This basically means that you can be a part-owner in Etheroll by holding DICE and will earn a portion of the profits they earn every 12 weeks! This profit is withdrawn directly to your MetaMask.

What I Don’t Like About Etheroll

Well, firstly I really don’t like the background skin for the platform. I feel that it is too dark and boring. However, this has no effect on its function whatsoever so it doesn’t really matter.

Another thing I don’t like is the fact that there is no sense of community in the trollbox. It is just filled with complaints about bugs that might appear on the platform. 

Etheroll Stats;

Active users: 215 (in the last 30 days) 

Transactions: 26.5K  (in the last 30 days) 

30-Day Volume: $2.2 million 

Etheroll is a pretty cool concept, especially with the fact that you can be a part-owner using the DICE token every 12-weeks!



When you first logon to you are introduced with a loading screen similar to what you would expect on today’s typical online casino platforms. Finally, I had found something that I felt familiar with.

After the loading screen is complete you are introduced to the platform homepage which shows all of the games that they have available and a lovely, page-long, trollbox!

Games On Offer; have a variety of games on offer that include;

  • CoinFlip
  • Roulette
  • Linear Dice
  • Wheel Classic
  • Wheel
  • Plinko Neo

Naturally, I headed straight to the Roulette wheel as this is my second favorite casino game (behind BlackJack). However, I was not really impressed by their very flat and uninviting roulette wheel on display;


Nevertheless, the game is still functional and allows all of the betting options that you would expect from a roulette wheel. It even has a list of the past numbers that showed up on the wheel. 

What I Like About It

Well, I really like the fact that we have an entire casino feel here. They really try to make it seem that this is a fully-featured casino and it kind of is considering the fact there are more games to play including the roulette wheel.

I also like the trollbox on this casino, although it is no overly active, there is a community feel in there with everybody saying hello to one another.

I also like the fact that there are no fees in this casino, the profits are made solely from the losses placed through wagers.

TKN shows you the recent winners underneath all of the games that they have on their platform. They also have a leaderboard showing you highest winners from each game which is pretty cool to see;


I also really like the fact that they have an affiliate program where you can get paid up to 0.2% each time the house wins;


What I Don’t Like About It

Well, I don’t like the fact that we can’t see what the most popular game is. 

Furthermore, I really don’t like the user interface at all. I mentioned this before with the roulette wheel but the UI just seems pretty blocky and the neon-pink colors aren’t too pleasant to look at. But I guess that is just my preference. Stats;

Active users: 19.9K (in the last 30 days) 

Transactions: 20.9K  (in the last 30 days) 

30-Day Volume: $1.76 million 

Looking at the number of active users, is where you want to be if you are looking for a blockchain-based casino that is extremely similar to the regular casinos that we have today.

4. Cryptogame


If you spend a lot of time in online casinos, you start to get a feel of what is a good casino and what isn’t - just by looking at the user interface.

As soon as I loaded up Cryptogame I instantly knew I was where I needed to be - at home! This truly feels like a casino that can rival the online casinos that we have today.

The platform is warm and inviting, and as you scroll down, you instantly get a glimpse of the sheer number of games that this casino has to offer.

Games On Offer

This casino has it all. From dice to roulette to slots, the casino has a wealth of games that you can choose to play from. Below is a selection of some of my favorite games;

  • Dice Games
    • Coin Flip
    • Dice Roll
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors (SWEET!)
  • Casino
    • European Roulette
  • Slots
    • Easter Island
    • Coins of Egypt
    • Fruit Spin
    • Secret of Atlantis

There are tonnes of games available to play (especially on the Slots side) I would recommend taking a look at the game library to find out some more options.

What I Like About Cryptogame

Naturally, the first thing I did was head straight to the European Roulette table to take a look. I was instantly impressed with what I saw;


Yes, that is right, A FULLY FEATURED roulette table on a blockchain-based casino. The flash game has everything you could expect from a casino and even have the cool sound effects that add immensely to the experience.

You see, it seems that Cryptogame has partnered with outside gaming developers to bring the wealth of gaming options to their casinos - and I do not blame them one bit! In the regular online casinos today, they always seem to provide games from outside developers as it is easier than creating them in-house. So, why should blockchain-based casinos not do the same?

The fact that they have partnered with outside developers allows them to offer a wide selection of gaming to their users, meaning you will certainly find something you like to play eventually.

What I Don’t Like About It

Well, lots of games are in Russian. There must be a way to translate to English but it would be great if they could come in English “out-of-the-box” considering that I had the English language selected on the platform.

I also don’t like the fact that there is a disproportionate amount of slot games relative to the others. This makes it seem that they are only interested in expanding their slot library rather than introducing original casino games such as BlackJack… “cough cough”.

Lastly, there is no trollbox at all giving no sense of community. There is a Telegram channel but it is hardly active.

Cryptogame Stats;

Active users: 809 (in the last 30 days) 

Transactions: 10.5K  (in the last 30 days) 

30-Day Volume: $271K

Looking at the stats I have no idea as to why these numbers aren’t higher considering they provide such a wonderful casino experience. I can only suspect that considering everybody was quarantined when I wrote this article, not too many people are looking for some serious gambling solutions (they are unemployed at the end of the day).

5. Edgeless


When I first logged into Edgeless I was TRULY IMPRESSED by their user interface. Although it was not your typical casino UI, it was still very clean and beautiful.

Edgeless is the type of casino I was looking for, a fully-fledged platform with its own utility token, EDG, at the heart of it all - oh and BlackJack! Considering that it uses its own token, the first thing you have to do on this casino is buy some EDG from a cryptocurrency exchange.

Games On Offer

Edgeless has a wide variety of games on offer that include;

  • Roulette
  • Dice
  • Blackjack
  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Baccarrat
  • Hi Lo

They have a wide selection of games, some of which are even multiplayer, and you can see them all on their homepage.

What I Like About The Casino

Well, they have a very unique UI for all of their games. The first thing I did was obviously head straight to the blackjack table <3, however, in the spirit of this article I will show you the roulette UI;


You can see that they have their own proprietary interface which is simple but effective. It goes well with the entire theme of the website and offers everything you would want. However, it does not have all the features that typical roulette tables have such as multiple bets on numbers.

Regardless of this, I really like the fact that they have gone down this route as it makes the platform seem like a casino operated by its owners, rather than a wide selection of different developers developing games. My hat goes off to them for pulling this off!

Another thing I like about this casino is the wide selection of card-based games here that aren’t available on other blockchain-based casinos we have covered in this article. Oh, and they have BlackJack (sorry, I’m obsessed with it).

Taking things further, I really like the fact that they decided to operate the casino under their own token EDG. This shows that they are here to stay and not just a fly-by-night casino that will be here today and gone tomorrow. The EDG token itself is pretty cool and you can even stake it to earn interest on your holdings.

I also like the fact they have a leaderboard showing the top winners on the platform in BTC;


Oh, and they even claim to be regulated by the Government of Curacao which makes them a fully licensed casino. They even have their entire bankroll open to the public in line with their compliance.

What I Don’t Like About Edgeless

There really isn’t much that I do not like about this casino. In fact, it is my favorite casino on this list! It literally has everything you would need and expect in a blockchain-based casino.

The only complaint that I do have is the lack of userbase that you can see in the casino stats below.

Edgeless Stats;

Active users: 219 (in the last 30 days) 

Transactions: 531 (in the last 30 days) 

30-Day Volume: $156K

Although there is a small userbase for Edgeless, I believe that it will grow over the following years if they can continue to produce games as well as they have done so far. I can honestly say that Edgeless is my favorite casino out of this bunch and I will be spending the majority of my time on the BlackJack table here! 


Thanks for reading! I hope you found a casino that suits you on this list and remember, BE RESPONSIBLE WHEN GAMBLING!

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