Play Minecraft and earn crypto, sounds to good to be true? Well now you can

Neoxa is an interesting project. It can both be mined and earned. One of the early ways you could earn it was by playing the game RUST. And now they are set to add one of the most popular indie games ever in Minecraft.

What is Neoxa

What Neoxa is trying to do is push a new type of concept they call Proof of Game. And yes, it is in a way similar to the more known Proof of Work and Proof of Stake. With this, you can earn crypto by playing the games and doing tasks in them. Tasks you normally would do.

At least that is the idea, sure you can go all in on these tasks to try and maximize your earnings while playing. Or you can simply play the game like you normally would do and earn some free crypto for doing it.

What games can you play and earn crypto while playing

The site has gone live now and you can register there to get access to their Minecraft server and provide them with a wallet and the usual stuff. And that enables you to play Minecraft and earn Neoxa while doing so. 

This is the second game they have added to their Proof of Game. The first one is the multiplayer-only survival game RUST. The game has been around now for close to 10 years. With its early access in 2013, and the full game released in 2018. So it is a game that has a core player base and has been around for a few years. In that regard, it is similar to Minecraft.

These two games are currently the only game you can play and earn Neoxa while doing so. But I am sure there will be more games added in the future if the project is a success. And it seems it is doing good so far.

What to do with your Neoxa

In the last couple of days they have added a Neoxa/USDT trading pair over at Txbit. And that along with the Minecraft news has caused the price of Neoxa to pump a bit. 

The only other option listed on Coinmarketcap is TradeOgre, there they have a Neoxa/Ltc trading pair. 

This means that you should be aware that your options for trading Neoxa is pretty limited at the current moment. But if it grows in popularity so will the trading pair. At least that is the theory. =)

Are you planning to try the new Neoxa Minecraft server, or maybe even their RUST server to see if you can earn some crypto? Or do you think this is just a fad that will be forgotten in a year's time? Please share your thoughts on this project in the comment section. 

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