ySense Surveys with Payments to Paypal 

ySense Surveys with Payments to Paypal 

ySense previously called Clixsense, today we will see the review of one of the best pages to earn money online for free and from anywhere in the world.

How about friends, today we will see the review of ySense a page that allows us to earn money from home answering paid surveys, as well as making offers and tasks . This business previously had the name of Clixsense but they changed their domain when it started to be managed by the company «Prodege LLC» that manages other excellent pages such as Swagbucks for example .

Regardless of the change of company or domain, and Sense continues to work in the same way that Clixsense did, that is, it has the same means to earn money, although the best thing about this change was that they added Paypal again as a means to withdraw our profits.



ySense: Main Features

Assessment: starstarstarstarstar

Top 10 position  :? # 5  See >>

Language: English , Spanish using the Google Chrome browser is translated alone.

Accepted countries: All the world.

Referral Levels:  It has 1 level of Referrals.

Payment per referral:  For each registration and activation of our referrals we will earn $ 0.10 or $ 0.30 depending on the country they are in . Also, for each referral that gets their first $ 5 (excluding commissions and bonuses), we will earn $ 2 . Finally, we earn 20% commissions for our referrals with the option of increasing them up to 30% .

Pay mode:     

Proof of Payment: 1st Payment   2nd Payment       

Conditions to request payment: We must have at least $ 5 to collect by Amazon and $ 10 for Paypal.


• To register in ySense do it from Here >>




ySense: Operation

This portal is one of the best to  earn money 100% free of charge both with our work and as a team . At ySense we have different types of tasks to carry out such as the offer walls , mini jobs and the Paid Surveys , the latter are the highlight of this business since we can receive enough a day and obtain excellent daily commissions. The recommendation that we give as always when working with surveys is to create a good profile, as broad as possible, that is why if you are new we suggest you review this article .

Note: In ySense we no longer have the option to update our survey profile as we did in Clixsense, so it will be necessary to put good profiles when starting the survey in the rating questions.




To create a ySense account, just click on the banner above and you will be directed to the page. Once in it, they will have to complete the registration form, placing the information requested and accepting the terms. Then they will have to confirm their account , for that they will go to their email since they will send them a link, simply click on it and that's it.



How We Earn Money 

Surveys: This is the section where we can earn more money. We also have different survey panels and the number of these will depend on the country where we are from.


Offers: In this section we will find different tasks to carry out to add commissions. Among these tasks we can view videos, answer more surveys, download applications, download games, make registrations on other pages, etc. The amount of tasks available will also depend on the country where we are from.


Tasks or Mini Jobs (Tasks): Another excellent way to earn money, with the tasks of the company Figure Eight (previously called CrowdFlower) . These are mini jobs which, when done correctly, we can level up and therefore earn more money with each of them. We recommend viewing this article to learn more about these tasks.



Daily Bonus Bonus

This is a bonus that Clixsense offers as a reward to all its active users and workers . For each day you complete the Daily Checklist , a bonus of up to 16% will be added to your account balance at the end of that day . The amount of the bonus you can earn is unlimited since it only depends on your activity.

Les commented that this bonus is calculated from your total personal income that include tasks Completed Figure Eight  and offers and surveys completed . The earnings obtained by the referrals are not included . Video offers and Kiip rewards are also not included.

To complete our checklist we must meet at least some of the following requirements:

Complete  10 Figure Eight Company tasks .
Make  2 offers or surveys .
Complete  5 Figure Eight tasks and at least 1 offer or survey .

We earn 12% for having our list complete , but there is an additional 4% that we can obtain by doing the following:

ClixAddon Extra Bonus:  If we have completed the checklist and run the ClixAddon (below we mention what it is) for at least one hour on a given day we will get an extra 2% . Simply install the extension and leave it running.

Extra Activity Bonus: By completing the Daily Checklist Bonus   three days in a row , we will get this extra bonus of 2% on the third day , for the earnings of that day, and every other day thereafter, as long as we continuously complete the checklist . If we don't complete the checklist on a certain day, the bonus will be reset .




Another great way to earn money on Clixsense is by teaming up or getting referrals. Its affiliation system is quite attractive because we will earn 20% commissions for the work of our team and also,  $ 2 extra when our referral gets $ 5, which is quite good. I tell them that they can use the affiliate section of Defeat the Crisis so that getting referrals both in Clixsense and in any other business is much simpler?



 Other Sections

Forum (Forum): It is very important to check the forum from time to time since you can inform yourself of news, payment tests or any matter regarding ySense. You can also post a query to help you within the community.

ClixAddon:  This is an extension that we can add to our browser, which works as an alert that will notify us when we have a survey or task available to perform  without the need to be on the same page . It also offers us the main information of our account such as the available balance, what was earned during the day, the total earned, etc. Therefore it is a very important extension to install it, for that we can do it from the top menu More >> ClixAddon . Then we simply choose the browser we use and add it.



Well folks, that's it with respect and Sense is the New ClixSense with Payments to Paypal . In conclusion, it is one of the best pages we have in Defeat the Crisis to earn money for free and that is why we have it in the  Top 10 . Also remember that any query can be left below in the comments.

Greetings to you from the Defeat the Crisis team !!


• To register in ySense do it from Here >>

 ↓  If you want to register, enter the web  



ySense is the New ClixSense with Payments to Paypal

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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