Scarlet-Clicks Full Tutorial

Scarlet-Clicks Full Tutorial

This portal to earn money that has been since 2009 paying all users through  dollars or various cryptocurrencies.

Very good afternoon, today we are going to see a PTC-style page in which we are going to earn money by seeing advertisements, watching videos, doing homework or playing the ScarletGrid among other things.

It is a portal with several years in the sector which prove its worth , like many other portals that we have been working on Scarlet-Clicks is quite easy to use ,Among its options it gives us the alternative to rent and buy referrals or upgrade to a higher membership to earn more money , working under Evolutión Script we can see that it is the same system that BuxP uses and other similar pages.

One of the great advantages of this portal, as in Neobux and ClixSense, are all those years it has been online , which give us a first impression that it is a reliable place to start working over time and As if that were not enough, something that I know that many of you like is that among its alternatives to withdraw profits it has different payment processors and several Cryptocurrencies.


The main administrator of Scarlet-Clicks is Dimitrios Kornelatos , of Greek nationality and who owns several websites in different market niches, among them we can find GPTPlanet  and Optimalbux , other excellent PTCs to double our earnings.



Scarlet-Clicks Since 2009 Paying



Assessment: starstarstarstarstar

Language: English,  for  Spanish  use the Google Chrome browser, (Right mouse button translate page).

Accepted countries: All the world.

Referral Levels: Scarlet-Clicks has 1 referral level.

Payment per referral: 

  • Free User: We earn 40% of the clicks made by our referrals.
  • User With Membership:  There are different memberships and we can earn up to 100% of the clicks of our referrals and $ 1 if they are upgraded.

Purchase of Referrals: Yes

Referral Rental: Yes, (Pack of 5 referrals for $ 0.75, up to 200 referrals for $ 30).

Memberships: Yes,  these vary from $ 5 a month to $ 700 a year, (there are intermediate prices depending on the characteristics).

Pay mode:           

Proof of Payment: Yes   1st View >>  2nd View >>  3rd View >>  4th View >>  5th View >>  6th View >>

Conditions to request payment: We must have at least $ 2 to request a withdrawal.

Account suspension: If in a period of 30 days we do not enter it, it is suspended,  becoming canceled if the period without activity exceeds 90 days.

Others: It is not necessary to be viewing the ads, while we can work on other pages.

IMPORTANT: We must see at least 4 daily announcements to receive referral commissions.



Scarlet-Clicks Since 2009 Paying




↓  If you want to register, enter the web  

• To register in Scarlet-Clicks do it from Here >>



Scarlet-Clicks Since 2009 Paying



The operation of Scarlet-Clicks basically consists of adding commissions through advertising ads . In addition to that, it offers us the possibility of carrying out other types of tasks such as offers and its direct and rented referral system . In this portal we can find many ways to earn money, especially with advertising ads which can be found in many sections of the web. The recommendation to work on this portal is to view as many ads as possible and make the available offers, but apart from that, take time to get direct referrals, since there is no limit here so we can form a huge network and therefore improve our profits.


Ways to Earn Money at Scarlet-Clicks

✔  View Ads:  In this section we have the typical PTC ads , that is, the fundamental basis to earn money that these types of pages require. There are ads that will give us more or less money and this will depend on the membership we have at all times.

IMPORTANT: They do not have Ad Focus , this means that it is not necessary to be seeing the ads to credit us with the money, we can be doing other things while the seconds pass.


✔  ScarletGrid: In this other section we can find the typical game in which we select a square at random and we have to see an ad , this one has no captcha and we will have the opportunity to win up to $ 1 , free users have 20 opportunities every day to try your luck and users with membership have more than 20 opportunities.


✔  PTC Wall: Here we can find another section where we can continue to see more PTC ads, something very good to continue earning a little more each day, and of course, the typical tasks of registering on pages, testing applications, etc ... that we have in most of portals we work with.


✔  Offers4All: In this section we will find 3 ways to earn money, either by seeing advertisements, making offers and answering surveys.


✔  MyAdsWall: Again this section offers us the opportunity to add commissions with advertisements and doing some tasks.


✔  MinuteStaff: One of the best sections that this page has to add commissions visiting advertising sites and doing other types of work.


✔  PTSU: A section in which we can earn money by performing certain actions or records that other users have published.


AdPacks and Referrals

✔  AdPacks: In this section we can buy an advertising package called AdPacks which we can use to advertise on the web. In addition to that, we will receive a 120% return on the purchase of our AdPacks . It is important to know that the time to recover that percentage cannot be known since it will depend on the company's earnings and, finally, to receive this income, we must display at least 4 advertisements in the "View Ads" section every 24 hours .


✔  Referrals: Like all portals,  at Scarlet-Clicks we will earn money for the actions carried out by the users we invite through our referral link , this is a very good way to make our income increase progressively, for this reason, in DerrotalaCrisis we have developed the entire system of the affiliates section and the course to get referrals that are in the top menu. In addition, there is no referral limit, something good enough to get your bearings and start promoting the portal.

Referral earnings range from 40% of clicks they make to 100% depending on membership.



Next, we are going to see the different memberships that Scarlet-Clicks has at our disposal , with which if we manage them correctly we will be able to earn even more money.

I have selected two of them, in my opinion, the ones we should use to make them as profitable as possible:

1º- Yearly Silver: I think this membership is suitable for all those users who are going to get direct referrals, something that I always recommend and that with our tools you will be able to get it. The reason is that it is much cheaper  than if we buy the one-month one and that we earn 100% of the clicks of our referrals.

2º-  Yearly Gold:  This I think is suitable for those daring users who are going to rent referrals since it allows us to have up to 2000 and we will also earn 100% of what the direct referrals we have generate .


* Logically, to acquire this type of membership we have to have a working account and that it will give us results, so we always choose pages with a high average reputation that allows us to work them over time to develop them little by little.



Scarlet-Clicks Since 2009 Paying


There are already several pages to earn money watching ads that like Scarlet-Clicks have been working for years and paying all users , it is these types of pages that we look for, those that we want to work on in DefeatCrisis, in which we believe that we will have during quite a long time and in which we will be able to start creating a team with a minimum risk that they will close or anything unpleasant will happen.

You know that with the affiliates section now everyone has much easier to get referrals, take advantage of it and take the course that is in the top menu, it will cost you work but in the long run it will give you results, you cannot start earning Money without training or without tools and here you have everything you need, but this is not done in one day, nor in two, making money online has a process that only depends on you and that you all have in your hands. Scarlet-Clicks is a part of the tools as well as our evolution is part of the process.

It's easier? Win on one site $ 300 or win on ten sites $ 30, the second truth?  Well, that, to the attack and to give cane to the affiliates section because wanting is power and only you are going to be able to fight for your dreams.


That being said, lads ... I send a greeting to all of you, cheer up and #DerrotalaCrisis. Aúpaaaaa !!!!


 ↓  If you want to register, enter the web  

• To register in Scarlet-Clicks do it from Here >>


ATTENTION NEW USERS !! When we enter Scarlet-Click, it is important not to access the VIEW ADS tab before registering as your sponsor will be changed for Titina1985 (Admin Scarlet Click) , if it has been your case, go back and access again to join with your actual sponsor.


Scarlet-Clicks Since 2009 Paying

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

Visit the  Ranking section  , the best pages to make money online !!

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