Mobrog A Good Survey Portal

Mobrog A Good Survey Portal

Mobrog another survey portal of recognized prestige valid for much of the world with which to earn more money for our PayPal account.


Today we bring to light a new page to earn money doing surveys with which we began to work, in this case it is Mobrog, a portal of German nationality already extended in many countries both in Europe and America and even Asia.

The main characteristics of this portal are the quantity and quality of the payments for the surveys  that we have to carry out every day, these can vary from 5 minutes to 45 minutes and even more and we will receive very good commissions.

For Example: For the 5 minute surveys we are being paid around € 0.40 or $ and for the 45 minute surveys € 3.5 or $.

These are the ones that are currently reaching us, but there may be surveys of up to € 10 all depending on the duration of them, as we have seen in the previous example.

The group to which Mobrog belongs is led by Dr. Grieger & Cie. Market Research, is located at Barmbeker Straße 7a, 22303 Hamburg Germany and is attached with the following company number: 247939283



Mobrog Survey Portal  «Features»



Language:  Spanish , English, French, etc.

Accepted Countries: Spain , All countries.

Duration of the surveys:  Between 5 and 60 minutes.

Levels per referral: You  have 1 level of referrals Unlimited. (By mail from the web).

Referral Payments:  You earn $ 0.75 for each friend you invite. (When they carry out 3 surveys).

Pay mode: PayPal   

Conditions to request payment:  We must have only the minimum amount of € 5 or $ depending on our residence, to request payment.

Proof of Payment: Yes 1st   View >>  2nd  View >>  3rd  View >>  4th View >> 5th View >> 6th View >> 7th Payment >>

Others: You have to register with the same email we have in our PayPal account to proceed with the payments. (In case of not doing so, we can always add the email with which we registered in Mobrog within our PayPal account).

App available: Yes, for Android and iOS .


Mobrog  a good option to do surveys.


Mobrog Survey Portal «Video»



  •  For  SPAIN  Register from the Banner below or  From Here >> 


  •  For  THE REST OF COUNTRIES  Register from the Banner below or  From Here >> 




Mobrog Survey Portal  «Others»


Mobrog is a portal to earn money by making surveys really easy to use , it is enough that we register correctly with the same email that we have in our PayPal account to then be able to request payments without problems  and wait for the surveys to reach us. our mail.

As in all portals of this type, it is necessary to fill out our personal profile in a correct way to ensure that more surveys reach us, however, unlike other pages, here it is quite simple and quick to do so.


The current average of surveys that they send are about three per week, so I tell you that we have to be registered in the more similar pages the better so we will have to do surveys every day and add to our private wallets to request payments progressively in each one of the pages.

Finally, clarify that in addition to earning money by doing surveys we can increase our earnings by $ 0.80 for each user we invite and carry out three surveys, making it a portal in which we are going to reach very soon the minimum payment, which is only 5 $.


And well guys with Mobrog we finish for today, I encourage you to try it because I think that it is a pretty good portal to which we can make the most of it, so nothing, I think that everything is more or less explained, however, already You know that if you have doubts down there you have the comments to ask what is necessary.


Greetings to all and Defeat the Crisis. Aúpaaaaa !!!!! 😉


Mobrog A Good Survey Portal

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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