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Complete Kuailian Tutorial. Today we will see the review of a large decentralized project formed recently, where We can earn Commissions in Ethereum directly in our portfolio daily for 1000 consecutive days.

Very good friends, today we have a manual about a club called Kuailian, which corresponds to a disruptive movement (community) made up of an international community of enterprising users , programmers and crypto-technology experts united under the same Mission. They have technological partners who contribute to the most advanced and innovative developments, a fact that makes them a leading company and prepared for a constant evolution in a dizzying market.

To give you an idea of ​​what we can achieve by joining this project, I tell you that we can get a contract in which we will distribute Ethereum Commissions daily for 1000 days in our portfolio, which is ENOUGH Well right ?. How we are going to do it and what are the ways in which the Kuailian project manages to do this, we will discuss it as this article progresses, because it is very interesting to know.

Regarding Company Tats: Kuailian is officially registered in the Republic of Estonia.

  • Directorate: Harju County, Tallinn, Kesklinna District, Roseni t 13, 10111
  • Registration code: 14909553
  • All official tats can be FOUND on THIS website .

Good friends, then we will review the main features of this business, and then all its operation because you know what to do from beginning to end the applicant to enter the platform ?.


Language: English.

Platform type: Mining Master Nodes .

Accepted countries: Everyone.

Adhesion: Yes. In order to participate in this project you must pay a membership or activation fee of $ 50.95 (payment in Ethereum). This payment is made once and you have your active account for life with access to an education platform and the company's financial resources (Smart Pool).

Contracts: Also called Kuais , are contracts that have a value of $ 100 (payments in Ethereum) to participate in the Smart Pool and thus begin to generate daily profits in our portfolio (the more contracts you get, the better daily profits).

Duration of contracts: Contracts or Kuais have a duration of 1000 days . These contracts cannot be canceled until the end of their term.

Payment method:


Buy Ethereum:

Referral levels: Up to 10 referral levels (below we detail everything regarding them).

Minimum payment: No minimum payment. Daily earnings go directly to your portfolio.

Support: If you need to contact support, first log into your account and then go down to the end of the platform by clicking Support . Then you enter Submit a Ticket to send your message but before, it is important that you lower the screen a little and review the frequently asked questions and related articles, since perhaps your answer can be found there and so we do not collapse the support.

* To register in Kuailian do it from Here >>


Below, we will explain the first steps you should start to take if you want to work at Kuailian, so follow them to the letter.

Buy Contracts (Kuais)

Now we will see the main engine of this business called Kuailian and we refer to Smart Pool , a tool that allows all users who have purchased or bought Kuais , to receive profits every day to their Ethereum wallet.

Smart Pool is a fully transparent, decentralized investment fund and the way it works in simple terms is as follows:


  1. You buy Ethereum contracts called Kuais and that money is sent to the Pool or investment pool .
  2. That money goes to the Master Nodes which are the ones that will start generating profits every day .
  3. Those winnings are sent directly to your Ethereum wallet for 1,000 days .


Perhaps you have never heard of Master Nodes and you may be wondering what they are? Well, I will give you a simple example so that you understand better.

When we make a transfer, whether in Dollars, Euros, etc., from one account to another, there is someone who verifies that transaction and charges commissions (an intermediary), and that someone is the bank.


On the other hand, when we make a transfer but with Cryptocurrencies, the one that replaces the bank would be the Master Node.


Anyone can set up a Master Node without asking anyone's permission if they have the right knowledge, advanced programming technicians, and capital (in some cases, large capital) .

How you can realize, mount a Master Node is not for everyone and that's why you can take advantage of the Smart Pool system to take advantage of all its benefits without having large capitals, hire technicians, etc .

Now you will learn in more detail how the Smart Pool system works completely to be able to generate profits every day in Ethereum directly to your wallet, using the Mining system of Master Nodes.


The coins we use to buy Kuais are sent to the Pool.

The system has a program called "Machine Learning" that has artificial intelligence . The program analyzes a lot of information in real time, and what it does is analyze the market and decide which Master Nodes will be the most interesting at the moment (since there are more than 400 Master Nodes operating) . So when the funds arrive at the Pool, the program what it does is collect those funds, and take them to the market. Then select the most interesting Master Nodes and these are put to work verifying thousands and thousands of transfers daily.

The Master Nodes while working, will be generating profits every day in Tokens and here comes Machine Learning again , as the Master Nodes produce little known coins and this program does is bring them to market and change- the ones for Ethereum , which is a currency that can be easily exchanged for dollar or euro, and finally sends them to your Ethereum wallet.

As you can see, the system works automatically and you only receive daily earnings in your portfolio for 1000 days which is the duration of the contract.


Kuailian's business plan basically consists of only 3 bonds which are:


Sure, making a profit every day in your Ethereum autopilot portfolio sounds pretty good, but the best part is if possible as we’ve explained in this article. The investment we are making gives us a return of at least 10% per month . Now, considering that the price of Ethereum is around $ 185 , it seems to us that it is a great time to start putting together this type of coin, as it is estimated that in 2 years it will be around or exceeding 1000 $ what would be a great investment don't you think ?. Seen this way, starting this business with a capital of at least $ 200 seems like a good option.

As for Mining Master Nodes , it has caught our attention to know a business with these characteristics as we had never worked a business of this style and the truth is that it is very interesting. If you go to masternodes.online , you can see every day all the Master Nodes that exist and the value that each of them has. Remember that the company chooses the Master Nodes that give the most value on a daily basis, and these are the ones that start making profits and then change them for Ethereum.

It is also very important to emphasize the transparency of the company which is one of the strongest and most innovative aspects of this project. They have managed to create a decentralized protocol where all the management of the Club is public through the Blockchain . We have access to the Nodes display tool (to view the Pool Nodes you must be logged in to the system) , as well as the following information:

  • New real-time Kuais purchases. see >>
  • 15% of the profit of the Pool company. see >>
  • Total Ethereum generated each day by the Pool. see >>
  • Direct vouchers 20% of new Kuais tickets. see >>
  • Affiliate payments of $ 50.95. see >>
  • The% reserved for Leadership Bonds. see >>
  • All Daily Payments to Customer Cards. see >>

'Absolute transparency !!

Well friends, with THIS we finished this article on Kuailian Tutorial complete in Spanish . ANY DOUBT OR QUESTION, YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN LEAVE IT IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS ARTICLE AND WE WILL RESPOND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Greetings to all.

* To register for Kuailian, click here >>


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