King of Prizes Win Money and Prizes from Home

A new page to earn free money doing different types of tasks.

How about friends, today we will see the review of King or Prizes (The King of the Awards), a new page that has been released by the company «Innovative Hall Media Technologies SL» which also manages other businesses as one well known by many called Gift Hunter Club .

On this page we will have to earn Koins that would come being the virtual currency of this platform through different types of tasks, whether it be seeing advertising announcements, answering surveys, completing offers, playing, etc. Then we can exchange these Koins for money through some payment platform as well as exchange them for different gift prizes.


King of Prizes: Main Features

Assessment: starstarstarstarstar

Language: Spanish, English.

Accepted countries: All the world.

Koins: It is the virtual currency of this business. 1000 Koins = $ 2 . These Koins are used to exchange them for money, vouchers or gift cards in the King of Prizes store.

Referrals: It has  1 level of referrals. You will earn 1000 Koins when your referral earns their first 2000 Koins.

Payment method:      and many vouchers and gift cards.

Minimum payment:  $ 10 equal to 5000 Koins.

Levels: Yes. The more Koins we win, the more we can level up to unlock some sections of the platform.

Contests: Yes. They carry out a monthly contest rewarding the people who invite the most users to the page.

Raffles: Yes. We can participate when we are at least level 2.

Tokens: Tokens are used to participate in raffles just like koins.

Allowed accounts:  Only one account is allowed per user and house. In other words, within a family residing at the same address, only one record is allowed. In case of discovering a user participating with multiple accounts, he will be banned forever.



King of Prizes: Vídeo Tutorial

• To register for King of Prizes do it from Here >>ref_opt_3.jpg



King of Prizes: Registro

To create a King of Prizes account , simply click on the banner above and it will take you directly to the page. Then they lower the screen a little and you will see the option that says Join for free! in which you can create your account simply by entering your name, email and password. Then they accept the terms of Services and end by clicking on the «Sign up» button (remember to check your email in case a verification email arrives) .



King of Prizes: How It Works 

Once inside our account, we will find a menu that will allow us to move to go to the different sections that this business offers us.

✔  Win Koins: This is the section where we will have all the tasks available to add Koins to our account. Here we will find:

● Clicks: This section is to earn koins as tokens by clicking on ads.

●  Offers: From here we can earn koins by performing tasks on different offer walls, such as answering some surveys, watching videos, watching ads, registering on other pages, downloading applications, etc.

●  Surveys: We will find several survey panels to answer them, which normally last from 2 minutes to 29 minutes. The longer the survey, the more koins you will win.

●  Daily surveys: More survey walls to add more koins.

●  Tasks: Corresponds to the tasks of the Figure Eight company formerly called Crowdflower. Here you can add very well if you are at a high level.

●  Games: Another option to win koins in an entertaining way by playing games. You just have to follow the instructions indicated to receive your koins.


✔  Referrals:  In this section we can find:

●  My links: From this option you can find your referral link, statistics, banner etc.

●  Contest: We can win koins we stay among the 10 users who have invited the most people to the platform throughout the month.


✔  Redeem: Here you will have the following:

●  Store: This is the store where you will have all the options to change your koins, be it for gift vouchers, gift checks, gift cards, etc.

●  Raffles: To participate in this section we must have our account in Level 2 (to level up you just have to keep earning more koins). We also need tokens to participate for prizes.

Well friends, we have already explained the most important thing regarding King of Prizes . As you can see, it is a fairly simple page to start earning money completely free so take advantage of it and also recommend it to all your contacts since it is a new business so it will be much easier to get referrals. And if you are a Premium user of Defeat the Crisis , do you know that you can share this article to get referrals from King of Prizes?

Greetings and Defeat the Crisis !!!


• To register for King of Prizes do it from  Here >>ref_opt_3.jpg

King of Prizes Win Money and Prizes from Home

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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