Etoro Full Tutorial

Etoro Full Tutorial

Socially invests in the largest Forex trading network, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, copying the best Traders, in Latin America and Europe.

Very good to all, in today's article we are going to talk about Etoro, an online broker totally different from the ones we all know since it is based on a social network where traders share their operations , being able to copy them quickly and easily. .

Etoro has been offering its services online since 2006, providing the user with the best technology in the world of Forex, currently becoming the world leader in social trading , with more than 6 million registered investors , one of its virtues being possibility to create a Demo account with hardly any restrictions , with which we will learn and test your entire platform without facing any risk.


Etoro belongs to the company ETORO (EUROPE) LIMITED , just as 99% of the brokers are registered in Cyprus, exactly in the city of Germasogia where they obtain great tax benefits and their full address is as follows: Kanika Business center, 7th Floor, 4 Profiti Ilias street, Germasogia , (Limassol ) 4046.

Likewise, to give coverage in the United Kingdom we find it registered under the company  ETORO (UK) LTD which is registered at: 42nd floor, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf E14 5AB, London, ( United Kingdom).

And to cover the rest of the world except the United States we can see that it is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Market Commission under Cysec through an international license.


Below, we will see all the licenses acquired by Etoro  with which it is regulated and allows it to operate throughout the world, except in the United States:

  • At the  CNMV  for  ETORO (EUROPE) LIMITED  (The International Securities Market Commission) . This is the  body that is in charge of supervising and inspecting all the stock markets in EUROPE  and the activity of the estates that intervene in them.
  • At the  CNMV  for  ETORO (UK) LTD  (The International Securities Market Commission) . In this case, it is the same  body that is in charge of supervising and inspecting all the stock markets but in the United Kingdom.
  • At the  Cysec  (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) . It is an International license granted by the  body in charge of regulating the financial market in Cyprus.



Etoro Complete Tutorial in Spanish «Features»

Assessment: starstarstarstarstar

Platform Type:  Forex

Language: Spanish, English,  German, French, Italian, etc ...

Accepted countries:  All except the United States.

Entry Mode:  neteller visa-mastercard-compressor bank-transfer-compressor  

Withdrawal Mode: neteller visa-mastercard-compressor bank-transfer-compressor  

Referral Fees: Yes, $ 20 for each active user.

Proof of Payment: Yes 

Demo Account: Yes

Minimum Income:  $ 200

Minimum Withdrawal:  $ 20

Leverage:  Yes

Who to Copy: See >>


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Etoro Complete Tutorial in Spanish «Operation»

Next, we will see the complete operation of Etoro, the world's leading social broker, where we will learn through a guided tour all its options to use it quickly and easily to earn more money.

The first thing we have to know is that, at Etoro we can earn money in various ways , which we will see below:

  • Copying other users , this is the most recommended option.
  • Opening operations , with our signals you can be a good option.
  • Becoming Popular Investor , for professionals of the subject.




Open Operations Ourselves

As if it were a normal broker, we have all the options to open our own operations through your Webtrader, which allows us to carry out all kinds of analysis using the various tools it offers us.

Etoro how to open operations


To open an operation what we have to do is:

  1. We enter our account and look for the product that we want to operate.
  2. We see that a menu appears that says News, Statistics and Graph, click on Graph to start carrying out our analysis.
  3. The next step is to hit the button on the right where it says INVEST.
  4. A second window will open, where we must mark if we want to Buy or Sell that product, as well as the amount we want to trade, the leverage and finally the limit of losses (Stop Loss) and the limit of profits (Take Profit) .

It's that easy to open an operation in Etoro , create a demo account to test because it is very easy and so you practice a little.


[RECOMMENDED]  ⭐⭐  Copy to Other Users «Copy Trader»  ⭐⭐ 

The fundamental feature of Etoro is «Copy Trader» , a functionality in terms of copying the trades of other users that we follow, thus, if we choose traders that generate profits, we can be making money automatically without the need to open any operation.

It should be said that in Etoro there are traders of all kinds, therefore, before starting to copy any of them, we must carry out an exhaustive analysis to correctly choose those who can truly give us benefits.

Etoro how to copy a trader


To start copying one or more traders what we have to do is:

  1. We must click on the menu on the left where it says PEOPLE and we will see that we get a great list that we can order in various ways.
  2. Click on the one that we are going to copy and we get statistics of all kinds , it is very important to waste time and compare the operations that that trader has open since many leave the losing operations open so that the percentage of success falls.
  3. Once we have decided who or whom we are going to copy, we must click on the button on the right that says COPY.
  4. We see that another window opens, that's where we are going to put the amount of the balance that we want to be copied to that trader , also, in case that trader has losses we can define how much money we are willing to lose as a maximum and finally we will remove tick at the bottom where it says "Copy Open Operations" it  is important that you remove it, because we do not want to work with operations that have been left open for whatever reason.



Popular Investor Program

The last way to earn money with Etoro is by joining the Popular Investor program, this is intended for more professional traders and is to be one of those traders that we can copy, these users earn money based on the users who copy them , but it is not easy since it is necessary to fulfill a series of objectives that we can see in the following image:

Popular Investor Program


As we can see in the image there are four categories of users, in each of them different conditions are required of us and to access any of these categories we must have met these conditions for at least two months.

As you can see, it is a bit complicated to at least be in rank number two (Yellow), which is where you start to earn money, but hey, if any of you are a great trader, you can get a challenge and have to gradually ascend Otherwise, the different categories will help us to see the status of the traders we have learned to copy in the previous section.



Etoro Complete Tutorial in Spanish «Referrals»

Etoro is not a portal where you can generate large commissions per referral , basically it is a portal where you can earn a lot of money if we learn to use it, either by carrying out our own operations ourselves or looking for and choosing the best traders to copy them and make money automatically.

However, despite this, Etoro has a special program called invite a friend in which we can earn up to € 200 or $ 200 depending on where we are.

For this, we have to go to the menu that we have on the left of our screens and go down to where it says Invite a friend, there we will see the conditions that are as follows:

  • We earn € 20 for each user who registers from our link and makes a deposit of € 200.
  • The maximum limit of friends for which we will win the € 20, which is 10.

As you can see, it is not a very powerful referral program since it is limited, but hey, with the options that we can find within Etoro, I think this program is the least of all because when something works and goes well, it does not lack incentive.



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Etoro provides us with the tools that any beginner in the world of Forex may want, thanks to its social network and the "Copy trader" option , we will be able to start trading Forex with very little knowledge, just by searching and analyzing to the traders who really dedicate themselves to it to copy them and start earning money.

That it has more than 6 million users means something, but that it has been operating and growing in this difficult world since 2006 means much more, that is why we have chosen it to place it among the brokers we have and use in DerrotalaCrisis.

In addition, it allows us to have a DEMO account both in European countries and in Latin American countries that without any commitment will let us try all the options that this portal offers us , this Demo account does not expire and is more than $ 100,000. (It is highly recommended to start using the Demo account before doing it in real, to learn how to manage our capital).

So kids, if you do not have much capital to start trading with other brokers or academies that we have been using for quite some time and making good profits, this I think may be your opportunity , but remember that operating the markets has a risk that you must assume , so start slowly and with good handwriting.

Greetings to all.


Etoro Full Tutorial 

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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