Coinbase Full Tutorial

Coinbase Full Tutorial

Coinbase How it works, everything you have to know to buy bitcoin in the fastest and cheapest way, in this post you will see how Coinbase works and we will show you its secrets.

We are already here again, in this case we recapitulate a bit the subject of Bitcoin since this virtual currency is the one that can help many of our readers to eliminate all inconvenience when it comes to collecting and buying on the different pages with the that we work.

Today we will talk about Coinbase another bitcoin wallet similar to Xapo but with other somewhat different characteristics , but before going deeper and starting to see how Coinbase works I recommend that if it is the first time that you read about bitcoin or you do not have much knowledge about Bitcoin, see this post in which we explain Bitcoin What it is and How it Works.


Taking for granted that now we all already know more or less what bitcoin is, we begin to see Coinbase how it works:

Coinbase is a virtual wallet in which we will be able to deposit, save, send, receive and buy on the different platforms or shops with bitcoin from anywhere in the world with very low or no commission, that is to say, to send money from one side to another, buy in portals, stores, etc ... and that they charge us great commissions or that the country in which we are located does not admit dollars is over, now with bitcoin and purses we are going to make everything much easier.

This portal was founded in 2012 by Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong, the current CEO of the company, is headquartered in San Francisco (California)  and has been coming from less to more due to large capital investments by investor groups such as the 5 million euros received in early 2013 by "Union Square Ventures" or 25 million received in late 2013 by other large groups such as Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures and Ribbit Capitals, or even the 75 million euros received by the New York securities firm along with several banks that decided to bet on this project, one of them was the well-known BBVA here in Spain.


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Coinbase, like other large projects, also has long-standing advisers who endorse this system, such as:

  • Gavin Andresen: Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation and leads the development of the open source Bitcoin project.
  • Juan Zarate: He was a terrorist security adviser during the presidency of George W. Bush, he also worked in the department of anti-terrorist financing in the United States Treasury and is currently a professor at Harvard University.
  • Nick Shalek: He is one of the Ribbit Capital partners where he was a pioneering investor in Bitcoin, he also worked on Facebook and has a degree in economic and political science from Yale University.


The characteristic that makes this purse special is that you can convert your Bitcoin into Dollars or Euros and thus avoid the drops or rises in the price of bitcoin, changing it only has a commission of 1%.


Main Features:

  • Valid in Europe and the United States.
  • Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Portuguese.
  • Purchase of Bitcoin by bank transfer It has no commission,  (Consult your bank to see the commissions that he applies to his transfers)
  • Bitcoin purchase by Visa or Mastercard, 3% commission and instant purchase.
  • Withdrawal of balance by Bank Transfer, Coinbase does not charge commission,  (Consult your bank to see the commissions that he applies to his transfers)   or transfers to other wallets.
  • Buy and Sell Bitcoin with the money you have in Coinbase 1% commission
  • There is no commission between wallets.


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Coinbase How It Works 

The operation of Coinbase is very similar to other wallets if you have used one before you will see that it is very simple but for those who have never used one here we will see how it works:

Mainly Coinbase how it works  is made up of a vertical menu that we can find on the left of our screens where we find the 4 most important options of this wallet:

  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Send Request
  • Accounts
  • Setting


Bitcoin Wallet : This option is where we can buy and sell Biticoin as well as see the limits of our account.

Send Request : From this option is where we can send or request Bitcoins.

Accounts : Here are all the purses we have created and we will find the address of each one of them.

  • First of all we have a wallet called BTC Wallet in this is where we will receive and send the Bitcoin.
  • We also find another one called EUR Wallet or DOLAR Wallet  in this wallet is where we can have cash, I remind you that in Coinbase we have the possibility of selling our Bitcoin and saving the money in this wallet so we avoid the price increases of Bitcoin but also the descents, making it a very good option to avoid having all our balance in bitcoin and thus also having euros or dollars , the commission for making this type of exchange is only 1%.
  • Finally we have the BTC Vault , it is the most secure site in Coinbase and it is a kind of safe in which we can store the Bitcoin we want with extra security but it must be taken into account that when we want to get Bitcoins out of there We will have to wait 48h since we request it, as I tell you it is the safest place.

Configuration : To finish we find the configuration section in this section we find everything related to our data, passwords, security, etc. Also in this section is where you put Payment Methods, that's where we can add our bank account or our Visa or Mastercard.




Coinbase How it works «Others»

 Buy Bitcoins: To buy bitcoin we must first go to Settings >> Payment methods and add a card or bank account, then we must go to Bitcoin Wallet put the amount that euros or dollars we want to buy, select the payment method that we have added previously, choose the wallet where we want the bitcoin (BTC Wallet) to reach us and accept the operation.

The commissions for the purchase of bitcoin with Visa or Mastercard in Coinbase How it works are 3%.

The Commissions for the purchase of Bitcoin through Bank Transfer in Coinbase How it works are 0%, there are no commissions but your bank can charge you so the best thing to do is to ask and although normally with SEPA transfers in the European Union they do not usually charge.

To withdraw the money by bank transfer, Coinbase will not charge us any commission, so just as when buying, we must ask our bank if he is going to charge us something, in SEPA transfers they do not usually charge. (Also say that you have to make a small deposit to verify the Coinbase account, the deposit does not carry commission).

You cannot withdraw money by Visa or Mastercard, you can only load it on Coinbase as it works.


Recommendation: In order not to take unwanted surprises with the fluctuation of Bitcoin, try to have only the necessary bitcoins that you are going to use and the others, exchange them for money and keep it in the EURO Wallet or DOLAR Wallet and change them again when you are worth them, just charge 1% every time we make a transaction and the price of bitcoin is very unstable.

Greetings to all and you know, questions, queries whatever is below in the comments that we all manage very well. Oh and I leave the button this here below if you liked the post you already know how to give the finger that is up !!!!! 😉


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Coinbase How It Works 

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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