Botemania Cheat Plus € 30 Bonus  

Botemania Cheat Plus € 30 Bonus  

The most popular bingo game of the moment, take advantage of our bonus and multiply your opportunities to win money.

Very good afternoon, today I come to present Botemania the online bingo game that is currently revolutionizing both social networks and the media , with a renewed image, differentiating itself from its competitors thanks to a fun and youthful style of play and with very aggressive advertising campaigns, I know becoming the reference game for lovers of online gaming.

With the mega offer we have right now , why shouldn't we be the ones who also make money in Botemania?

So to start doing it, first we are going to see some data of the company , later we will proceed to value it and finally I will tell you some trick or recommendation that will come in handy to amortize the Botemania bonus.


  • Botemania is operated by Gamesys Spain Plc with address at Suite 2, Floor 2, Waterport Place, Gibraltar.

It is licensed and regulated in Spain by the Directorate for the
Regulation of Gambling with the licenses: 160-11 / GO / N0440802G / SGR, 179/11 / BNG / N0440802G / SGR,
178-117RLT / N0440802G / SGR, 180-11 / BLJ / N0440802G / SGR, MAZ / 2014/003

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Botemania Cheat Plus € 30 Bonus «Features»

Assessment: starstarstarstarstar

Company: Gamesys Spain Plc

Type:  Bingo, Casino and Slots

Language:  Spanish.

Accepted Countries:  Spain.

We can charge by:  PayPal, Neteller, PaysafeCard, Credit Card (Visa and MasterdCard).

We can deposit money through: PayPal, Neteller, PaysafeCard, Credit Card (Visa and MasterdCard).

Conditions for withdrawal:  Minimum withdrawal from € 2

Proof of Payment: Yes See >>

FREE Games: Yes, two totally Free games are available to win money.

Pot Points:

We can earn 1 Point

  • Participating in the chat. (Random)
  • Through promotions. (Botemania Promotions Section).
  • For every € 5 we spend playing Bingo.
  • For every € 20 we spend playing any of the other games.

Referrals: 1 level of referrals.

Others: The best of all is that with Botemania and the € 30 bonus we can test the page and also earn extra money.


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Botemania Cheat Plus € 30 Bonus «Cheat and FREE Games»


Trick For The Botemania Bonus

Well, let's go with the trick that although it is not a big deal, many users do not know it , as I mentioned in the title by registering from any banner you find in DefeatCrisis, if you put € 10, they recharge € 30, obtaining € 20 directly from profits, but As I indicate in the characteristics is Bonus x4, this means that the bonus must be played 4 times in order to be withdrawn, in our case the bonus would be € 20 since the € 10 when paying it is not considered a bonus.

Botemania Cheat Plus € 30 BonusIn Botemania there are several games like; Casino, Bingo, Slots, etc ... the theme is that the best way to play the bonus is Bingo since the x4 bonus subtracts at a ratio of 1: 1 , that is, for every € 1 played, it subtracts € 1 from the x4 bonus.

For us to understand each other, to collect the € 20 that they give us for free we have to make plays worth € 80, the € 10 that we have put in we can take out when we want and the profits that we get also but what they give us for free is a bit different.

So continuing with the bonus, to get to make plays for the balance that I have mentioned, it is best to play bingo since we accumulate for the Bonus 100% of the amount we play, however, if we play other games like Slots it is only 10: 1, that is, the money that when we play only discounts us 10% to the bonus, having to make many more plays to unlock it.


FREE Botemania Games

Botemania also has two totally free games with which we can win money in case we get a prize.

  • Tiki Toca Bingo: It is a Bingo game in which every day we have the opportunity to choose 6 balls, these accumulate throughout the week being able to sing Bingo or line, thereby winning a daily pot, there is also the possibility that we will open a series of figures that we can accumulate and continue winning prizes.
  • Tiki Fishing of the Day: In this case, in order to participate, although it is free and does not cost money, we must have put € 10 in our account on occasion. The system tries to catch some fish, we have 6 runs every day and we are accumulating figures that achieving a set amount we will win different prizes of up to € 750, these figures accumulate from Monday to Sunday returning to zero every week.


As you can see in Botemania we also have the option to play for free and earn money, something that is really what we are looking for in DerrotalaCrisis, participating in these games does not take more than 30 seconds a day, so it is highly recommended to do it daily since Every day you play you get different figures that with a little luck will have a prize.



Botemania Cheat Plus € 30 Bonus «Conclusion»


The final conclusion is like this, if you put € 10 you will be able to play with € 30, I recommend that you play only the different Bingo games that there are except RapiBingo because this way you will be able to unlock the bonus much faster.

More or less the average amount earned by singing a bingo is around € 50 or € 70, so by singing a bingo, the following would be earnings and the bonus would be unlocked.

I sincerely believe that it is one of the pages of the moment in this sector since it is being a revolution at the media level with all the advertising it is doing on television and it is that the way of playing these types of games has changed with a different image. to the one we had previously, is fully regulated by the Spanish state so that winning or not winning will be a matter of luck but cheating will not do us.

Well with this I finish with Botemania Trick Plus € 30 Bonus, whoever wants to have a fun time playing Bingo On-line here you have the opportunity to do it with this € 30 mega bonus available only to new users residing in Spain.


Greetings to all and Defeat the Crisis;)

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Botemania Cheat Plus € 30 Bonus

If you have any questions, comment at the bottom of the web, as soon as I read it I will reply.

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