Wall Street bought gigantic amounts of BTC despite President Trump's bashing of Bitcoin

Despite Bitcoin bashing President Trump for its baselessness, in 2020, major Wall Street players bought gigantic amounts of BTC

According to a recent article in Forbes, Wall Street investors have bought Bitcoin (some have bought huge quantities), although Donald Trump announced that the Bitcoin is based on "wind" last year.

Grayscale buys 33% of BTC extracted this year

The Grayscale investment fund, Forbes explains, obtained about 88% of its investments from financial institutions in the first quarter of 2020, who wanted to buy Bitcoin through it.

Previously, U. Today reported that Grayscale, according to their report, held 1.7% of all Bitcoin in circulation - or around 360,000 BTC .

According to a Fidelity survey, around a third of financial institutions in the United States and in the EU have invested in Bitcoin and other crypto. Fidelity has 2.46 trl of assets under management.

Paul Tudor Jones does not listen to Trump

Last year, President Donald Trump went on Twitter to say that he was not a fan of Bitcoin or other digital assets. He claimed that all of them were based on thin air and were very volatile.

He insisted that the USD is the only real currency in the world, a reliable currency and that it is getting stronger than before.

Yet this year, when the pandemic crisis erupted after the foreclosure, billionaire Paul Tudor Jones publicly stated that he had turned his attention to Bitcoin and put BTC in his wallet.

The author of the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert Kiyosaki, who is also a famous lover and investor of Bitcoin , tweeted at the time that Jones embracing Bitcoin was a pivotal point and a signal for that others plan to do the same.

According to his tweets, Kiyosaki recently bet on Bitcoin , gold and silver, using them as a hedge against the recent regular USD prints from the Fed Reserve.

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