Vitalik Says "Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Strategy Essentially Successful

Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum and founder of the Ethereum Foundation , notes that the Layer 2 scaling solutions on Ethereum are on the right track. He tweeted,

While not everyone was watching, the initial deployment of Ethereum's Layer 2 scaling strategy was * essentially * successful. What remains is refinement and deployment.

The Layer 2 scaling strategy extends beyond upgrades on Ethereum , but includes Zero-Knowledge (ZK) implementations, state chains, and the plasma framework. For deployment, portfolio providers and users will need to choose these L2 solutions to build their applications. He added,

The challenge is that users should have wallets where their coins are stored in a rollup (or plasma). It is an adoption challenge, not a technical challenge (CC @ metamask_io @ ethstatus…).

In addition, wallet and rollup (or plasma) suppliers must ensure the safety of the L2 chains in their initial design. According to Buterin, if properly designed in the event of a crisis on the Layer 2 chains, it can ensure rapid withdrawals.

The Plasma frame

The recent addition of USDT to OmiseGo can also be considered a plasma success. Plasma is not specific to a blockchain, but a framework initiated by Buterin and Joseph Poon, co-founder of Lightning Labs. Matic Network is another plasma-based blockchain that went online yesterday with its main network. 

Plasma allows the scaling of interactions between digital assets based on the blockchain, but these assets must be created first on the main chain of Ethereum . Therefore, an application can take advantage of the speed and performance of OmiseGo, while leveraging the security of Ethereum . However, these second layer solutions will have to build an ecosystem or a validation protocol which does not require confirmation with the base chain from time to time.

In addition to layer 2, Ethereum 2.0 will also add “sharing” which will further increase the speed and capacity of transactions. Vitalik added,

Look forward to the future of Ethereum scaling ! (Including sharding supercharging all these techniques 100x later)

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