Robert Kiyosaki: The Time Has Come to Buy Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki: The Time Has Come to Buy Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki: Invest in Bitcoin Now!

In a recent series of tweets, the bestselling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” announced that the release of trillions of dollars into the economy - aka, the recent stimulus package designed to respond to the coronavirus pandemic - was a huge mistake. He explained that the dollar was on the verge of extinction, and he advises everyone to put their money in assets like gold, silver and of course bitcoin .

A tweet explains graphically:

DEATH OF DOLLAR. People are desperately looking for money. It's sad. If the government gives you free money, take it, but spend it wisely. DO NOT SAVE. Buy gold, silver, bitcoin . The dollar is dying. Silver $ 20. Best buy for future security. Anyone can afford $ 20, especially with free fake money.

People seem to have already started following his advice. In fact, people bought bitcoin long before Kiyosaki even offered the currency its new support. Recently, numerous cryptocurrency exchanges from Coinbase to Binance have reported that sales of bitcoins and other forms of crypto have increased and that many of these transactions amounted to around $ 1,200, which was the amount of money that many Americans received through their stimulus checks.

It seems that many citizens are with Kiyosaki on this one. They believe that inflation and other economic problems may arise soon as a result of the COVID bailouts and stimulus packages underway. The bitcoin , gold and other assets are now considered valuable tools for potentially cover wealth and protect money in times of economic difficulties.

Kiyosaki explained:

The reason I endorse bitcoin is just for a creepy reason - you are not part of the system.

In other words, bitcoin is not centralized like traditional finance is. It is not part of any financial system and therefore cannot be regulated or controlled by any governing body. The people who use bitcoin have control and are therefore free from any harmful decisions that the government or the Treasury may want to make.

Kiyosaki is on the same plain as many other wealthy investors, including Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. In a recent interview, Musk said that stimulus checks were a huge mistake, and that the government cannot just print money out of thin air as it did. Overall, although the stimulus package may have helped the economy in the short term, it seems that many businessmen and analysts are not convinced that it will solve serious problems.

Will the US dollar last?

Kiyosaki also estimates that bitcoin could reach $ 75,000 in the coming years. He said in a follow-up tweet:

DYING ECONOMY. Incompetent EDF. Next BAILOUT trillion pensions. HOPE disappears. Bought more gold, silver, bitcoin . GOLD @ $ 1,700. Plan $ 3,000 in 1 year. Silver @ $ 17. Plan 40 $ in 5 years. Bitcoin @ $ 9,800. Plan $ 75,000 in 3 years. PRAY for the BEST PREPARE FOR THE WORST.


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