How Bitcoin Empowers The Unbanked And Fights Injustice

How Bitcoin Empowers The Unbanked And Fights Injustice

Many injustices are rampant in our communities.

For example, in our world, unbanked and underbanked people do not have easy access to financial knowledge. Too often, this is reserved for wealthy people who have opportunities. If you do not have these resources shown or taught by a professional, you may not have adequate access to the information necessary to acquire financial knowledge.

Such education often comes only when income increases. So how can we increase the incomes of unbanked people in order to arm them with more knowledge? Many of those at lower socio-economic levels do not know what Bitcoin (  BTC  ) is. This knowledge was not passed on from crypto gurus or financial experts to some of the less privileged economic classes.

The unbanked can be protected in ways that our financial system is extremely unsustainable and plagued by inflation and debt. Money these days has just been created "out of nowhere" without any value inherent in this paper currency. The media can sometimes explain clearly how we have a fundamentally flawed financial system, but often rejects the specifics that would allow people to acquire more knowledge to navigate this ecosystem.

The Bitcoin is the start of a plan to address this fundamentally corrupt financial literacy and unsustainable. The Bitcoin is an idea. A use case. A first pass to evolve a broken system. The Bitcoin is a place where every human being and every person becomes equal.

When you trade with Bitcoin , your wallets are encrypted, as is your identity. No one knows who you are or how much money you have. There is no room for prejudice, division or negative treatment. In such a financial utopia, we are not defined by what we look like, what we say, how we speak or how we can be different.

As a society, we have a long way to go before implementing such an idea. We must teach and reinforce the benefits of investing and saving for the future. Or to look for a special tool and round up the alternative change from daily purchases to Bitcoin for the future, using a cost dollar strategy to mitigate volatility in a highly volatile but high reward asset.

In short, the concept of how a little money can turn into a big windfall should be ingrained in our idea of ​​finance. This concept has generally been reserved for the financially privileged. Many people from wealthy backgrounds learn early on to save money, invest and build for their future - they are taught to use their money and make more money.

But many other communities lack this kind of discipline or think they need thousands of dollars to get started. The result of this dichotomy is that 40% of Americans cannot afford an unexpected expense of $ 400. This means that if 40% of people blow two tires on their car, not all of them can afford it or lack the money to cover these expenses.

The way to force change on this current topic of inequality and injustice is to give people easy-to-use knowledge and tools that help them invest and save. In terms of financial literacy, this includes educating the unbanked on technology like crypto.

Nature adapts and evolves - so do we. We had to recognize that this is a problem, and we did. The first step in solving a problem is to admit that there is one. Now that we have it, what can we do to change it? How can we adapt and change our mindset and change our perspectives?

People are thinking about different solutions because the majority - or at least an increasing number of people - find that the current solution does not work for them. Inflation and debt are huge weaknesses in our system. Money created from nothing and supported by nothing is not sustainable.

This is where the real innovators come in. The Bitcoin is the culmination of a group of people who come together and ask, "How can we improve this?" This is how humans evolve. This is how our financial system should evolve: by coming together and asking the question: "What can we do better?"

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